Monday, March 28, 2005

The Chubby Chronicles continued

How happy are all of us that the days of the Cadbury Eggs are gone???? cripes. I got all motivated and pulled out my capri's from last year and guess what? none fit. I know, surprise, surprise. Apparently the 8 lbs I lost due to dehydration a couple of weeks ago came back with a vengeance and added some cadbury creme inches to the ol' thighs & hips. My butt getting bigger is not a problem. I like my big ol' butt. The rest of it makes it difficult to find clothes that fit a little waist, round butt, and BIG-ASS THIGHS & HIPS. I either look like a couple of sausages ready to burst from the denim casings screaming at the seams with pants that fit the butt & waist, or I wear a pair of pants that skim the big areas and have about 4-6" of gap at the waist. so you can see right on down the back unless I do the belt thing, which gives a most flattering bunch of puckers. Damn I'm hot. Back on the treadmill. I am not allowing myself access to any stores that may be selling discounted cadburys until the madness passes.

I'm now poor again. Story later. No knitting machine purchased for cranking out scarves & purses for the big sale. so sad. Once the tax refund comes in, I'm buying one. WHERE'S MY DAMN TAX REFUND????? I'm like that chic on the commercial that goes out and shakes the crap out of her mailbox each day..... but with better clothes. she looks like a bum. ok, I do too as I'm wearing my trusty holes in both knees jeans at work today. stylin. But I am having a great hair day, so it's all good.

I've become addicted to reading about these women finding crappy sweaters made of luxury yarns and frogging them and creating new masterpieces for little $$. I got inspired a while ago, found a tutorial that actually SUCKED, and ended up stomping on the sweater, cutting it into pieces, stomping again, and throwing it away, totally going against the idea of recycling and saving the planet and saving me $$ and all that. Well, here is the BEST TUTORIAL ON RECYCLING SWEATER YARN. I think I may even be able to try try again....

Hope my secret pal liked her gift, I haven't heard from her yet, will have to check in on her blog to see. I'm thinking of starting a KC blog ring. I love the KS blog ring too, but would be interesting to see what the local ladies are up to. We'd include the Lawrence ladies as well. Let me know if that sounds good to any of you locals.

High ho, high ho, it's back to work I whistling though.
Tomorrow's update will be on my encounters with men lately...."the battle of the metrosexuals." ick.

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