Friday, March 11, 2005

Being a mom gets pretty messy.

OK, so far this week, I've had one child barf on my bed, have the poops for 2 days, I got a migraine, and my other child came home last night from school with hives that decided to break out all over her little body, sending us to the er and of course, it came with the barfs. SO, this morning, she's a bit pale, much less itchy, we don't know what caused the allergic reaction, no more barfing, and now I have the poops. cripes. I just wanna crawl under the blankets of a barf-free zone bed and go to sleep.

Off to get the cysts in my right breast sucked out today. The left one is next Wednesday. Doesn't this all sound like so much fun you just can't stand it???? The good thing is they decided the low caffeine crap I've been on these last 2 weeks didn't help, so I'm back on diet coke. I am trying to be healthier and drink more water, but oh my holy hell it's nice to drink the good stuff again. I think it was probably caffeine deprivation that caused the monster migraine the other day. You know, I think those damn migraines are actually small strokes. My left side of my face went numb from my cheekbone to my jawline and the fingers on my left hand went numb for almost an hour. Freaked me out. Apparently the same signs for a major stroke are also normal sympoms of migraines. I give LOTS of respect to those that deal with these puppies on a regular basis, I'm a total wimp and barely survive my one every 6 months or so. Sad thing was, I was laying there wimpering thinking, OH MY GOD, HOW WILL I KNIT WITH ONLY A THUMB ON MY LEFT HAND??? Instead of something like, oh my GOD I can't use my left hand. shows where my priorities are, doesn't it?

My folks are taking my son to the lake for his "spring break" aka weekend, and my daughter and I are supposed to go down tomorrow if we're feeling better. We'll see. If not, we're going to rent girl movies and veg on the couch for 2 days. That kind of sounds like a vacation to me, anyway, but we'll see.

I'm going to READ READ READ and catch up on all my blogs that I follow and MAYBE update my template a bit, maybe not, I'm feeling very lazy.

One other good thing, as my dear Martha would say, is that I have lost 7 pounds in one week. I know, I know, it's got to be 90% water weight, but still, it's nice to be able to breathe in my jeans again. I now have exactly 9 days until I need to be in shape for my stinking 4.16 miles. AND I learned the leg I am scheduled for is "moderately difficult" WTF? I specifically asked for LAZY ASS EASY, but at least I'm not the one going uphill.

Here's wishing us all a weekend with NOTHING spewing out of anyone's bodies in our general vacinity!!

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