Thursday, March 24, 2005

what a day I'm having

Well crap.

Fist the good stuff...I finally made myself sit my butt down and DO SOME FREAKING FINISHING...which I really DO NOT LIKE. I need to have a lady in waiting that brushes my hair, brings me iced tea and sews in all the ends on my knitting. I would have made a great rich old baron's wife back in the day...except I like flushing toilets and the great no-black-plague thing going on in the present day. Plus I probably would have been poor and had to spend my life sewing ends for some other rich biotch. ANYWAY, I got half of one of the flower scarves sewed together and ALL the ends weaved into those little flowers. I have been cranking out the flowers as they go SO FREAKING FAST! I think I'd like to have a ton for my sale in Sept as well as to give my daughter, myself and about 3 little cousins. busy busy busy...

Driving to work, listening to Green Day and Violent Femmes on the radio, head banging and having a good time, hit ALL green lights, NO traffic in my lane on the morning commute, even have some cute guy ask me to go ahead of him in line for my daily diet coke. Good times. I've even got good hair.

Get to work, OH I forgot to say...."and then there were 2". Miss Teresa has given her 2 weeks' notice as she's now got a real job, in sales, making lots of $$ and seeing actual people aboveground. Now it's just little ol' me and my assistant who only drives me crazy about 1/2 the time and the local boss. There's still two owners in FL, but they don't come up too often, so it's not too bad. Getting a little lonely in the dungeon. I am thinking they need to agree to letting me spend more time at home and less time down here, but I've got to come up with a convincing argument for that one. We'll see. It's so freaky, being in a place with 12 offices, about 12 cubicles and a big-ass lobby with four work stations in it and it's just us few people. AND NO SUNLIGHT...that's getting to me a bit.

BACK TO WORK, so our local boss has been talking about our health insurance, they won't talk to him as the controller was the contact set up and he's no longer with us (D-day and all that), so we don't exactly know if we HAVE insurance or not as they didn't send the bill and apparently there was a mix-up of some kind. great. I have more boobie-bumps that we need checking on, and just in case of a freakish accident I'd like to be able to receive medical attention from an actual hospital. I tried to call into the insurance company on the customer service line, just to verify I do have coverage and their system is down. great. I'll try again later. Bossman's not worried, there's a grace period, etc. Call me crazy, but I think I'd like a little verification of my own.

Didn't make it to the knitting group last night as the CF Walk organizational meeting went long. I was joking about my crazy riverman adventure and one of the other ladies had "pig farm duty" as a volunteer. I'm telling you, this race is COOL, too much freaking fun, like no other normal race I've been a part of! She and her hubby were stationed at a pig farm in the country and it was windy, dusty and smelly. Poor thing. I said, but don't you feel good at what you're doing for your son? She made a comment about how she would have smelled so badly even the riverman wouldn't have wanted her. Note to self, make sure to RUN the race next year and DO NOT do the pig farm leg. hah!

I'm off to work carefully so I don't get hurt until I find out about my insurance.... no more headbanging this am....

***update*** Just talked with UHC and we ARE still covered, thank God. Now I can drive on the slick wet roads for my chipotle steak burrito bowl and not worry too much!

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