Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Can't you hear the denim scream from there???

Well crap. I'm back on the eating healthier exercising more bandwagon. And not liking it. Apparently the one or six nights these past few weeks of sitting down late at night watching tv with a cup full of chocolate chips, a large spoon and a jar of peanut butter have not been good for the lower half. I noticed my jeans were getting a bit snug, actually I've had to do some SERIOUS duck walking (crouched down walking around to stretch out jeans) in order to zip or breathe, but somehow I failed to realize just how bad it's gotten until last night. I kept telling myself, hey, I used those jeans in the wash with the felting. You know, hot water, dryer, that can seriously shrink denim. Ok, I've had most of the jeans for over 2 years, but I bought two pair two months ago. Yes, I KNOW Eddie Bauer jeans are pre-shrunk and I KNOW that even if they did shrink a bit, it would probably be BEFORE 2 years has gone by. ANYWAY.

I am taking pics of the mother-lode of craft, cross-stitch, quilting and Christmas craft magazines I'm wanting to list on eBay last night. They weigh too much for my little postage scale, so I get smart. I step on the scale without the mags in hand, then step on with mags. After doing this for 3 sets of 8-10 lb magazine stacks, (I have a SERIOUS amount of craft crap in my basement) I realize, HOLY SHIT, I'm 8 pounds heavier than the last time I got on a scale, which is only 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks. yup. I can pack em on. fast.

I thought, oh, I'll just go anorexic for a week or so, blast off some weight, then get busy. But then I got hungry. I was good, ate my damn bowl of cheerios and 2% milk, drinking my green tea this am, cussing as I go. damn damn damn cheerios....damn damn damn cheerios, etc. Thought, throwing up for a week wouldn't hurt my esophogas too badly, would it? But I really only barf after a night of drinking (it became a habit back in my wild college days as a way to avoid most of the hangovers the morning after), and can't stick my finger down my throat or make myself barf unless I'm just past tipsy. As I probably better not be drunk for the next two weeks, I decided I'd just have to bite the bullet and get healthy the stinking smart way. GOD I MISS MY GOOD OL' METABOLIFE!!!!! I know, I know, it was killing people, but DAMN I had some serious energy and was SKINNY!!!!

Did NO knitting yesterday, did wash the stuff 2 more times. I think my Tina's Tote is done, but next time I'm going to decrease a bit when I add the novelty yarn as that part of the bag is a bit bigger. The Jildo's Dildo case and the fabulous felted hat both need another round or two. I think if I EVER get my own little house, I'm buying a crappy old washing machine JUST for felting. Wouldn't that be cool???

I did go to bowling last night and redeem myself. No little old ladies whooped up on me. I bowled well, and won all four points (3 games plus totals) against a very manly 40-something woman and shot 619 (206.3 avg) WOO HOO for me! I'm sorry, I respect my elders (normally) and I love seeing women over 60 bowl well, but GOD I hate it when they beat me silly. It's just not right. It was getting old. I also read the felted knits book and my last-minute knitted gifts book almost cover to cover and learned a few things. Amazing. Normally I just crank through books for the patterns, but I'm thinking a little reading couldn't hurt in the future. I'm all inspired and have about 8 new projects I want to start. BUT I HAVE TO MAKE A SWEATER at some point. I just have to. Don't know why. Don't really care. Just my innerds are telling me I NEED a soft, sexy sweater knit with my own fingers. We'll see.

Back to work. Today's music of choice is live365 station DeskTopGrass, I know it sounds like something I should be doing while eating brownies, but it's not THAT kind of grass, it's bluegrass. I'm going back & forth between it and my station the Dirty Martini Lounge. Good free internet music. Loving it. I may go 90's or retro 70's later. Helps me ignore the big bowl of Hershey's miniatures & little peanut butter cups bossman put out. mmmmm.

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