Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How hard could it be to unravel a sweater????

I mean, come on...you see it all the time on cartoons, one little thread, one pull and poof there's a pile of yarn on the floor. I read these little blog posts about rescued sweaters....all this wonderful cashmere yarn, cotton yarn, merino's, etc. that people are getting and reknitting into wonderful things for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. I'm thinking what a great idea. I'm poor, I love the idea of recycling, it's a win win situation. I remember coming across an article with all these details of how to unravel a sweater. I was thinking, yeah, right, why should I read this? OH HOLY HELL I can't freaking do it. I thought I'd start in my own closet with two big ass Eddie Bauer hand knit monsters I've had for years. I made a bit of progress on one, got going and then got knotted up, pissed off and got out the scissors and snipped off the neck. yup, you probably are NOT supposed to do this as I ended up with a bigger mess, got all flustered and ended up ripping the thing into parts, throwing it away.

I'm not giving up. I'm going to find that damn article, read a bit and try again. But I'm practicing on a crappy sweater before I tackle a good find. THEN I'm heading out to some flea markets.

I was MS. DOMESTICITY today. Yes, I am the queen of all things crafty, and am super-mom to boot, but somehow I am lacking the gene of cooking. Tonight I amazed myself. I cooked a meal (ok it was just spaghetti but STILL), the kids set the table, they played WITH THE TV OFF and built all this cool crap with legos and magnetics and colored pictures, played school, and GOT ALONG. Both munchkins had baths, brushed teeth and said prayers and are now sleeping soundly ALL WITH NO WHINING WHATSOEVER. FREAKY. I know, I know, most families have this crap every night. I'm a fan of the divide and conquer strategy with my kids. I also have been known to bribe, yell and give the eye on a regular basis.

The only freaky thing now is there's a helicopter overhead and sirens in the air. I've got to go walk the dog outdoors for his nightly pee, but since my dog has BATHROOM ISSUES (aka eats poo and rolls in it if he gets in the yard without a leash) I have to hook him up, head outdoors in the spooky dark and wait till he pees. I think I'll call Russell and catch up on his barbie sale he had last weekend so if some freaky axe murderer comes after me in my backyard he'll be able to call 911.

I did succeed in ripping out the backless tank. I know, I was supposed to try to save it, but I swear it could have fit about 5 of me in there, I wanted to at least frog something in its entirety for reuse.

I'm KNITTING tomorrow night at Starbucks by KU Med center and meeting Phuong and anyone else that's hungry at 6:15 at chipotle next door. mmmmmmmmm chipotle.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn I'm hungry again.

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