Sunday, March 13, 2005


Oh thank God, the only things spewing out of our bodies is an occasional whine (from the kids) or curseword (from yours truly). I'm telling you, right before my son left with my folks, he even had a nosebleed on me. I've had it all last week, and am SO FREAKING GLAD it's over for now.

Beth & I layed around all day Friday feeling icky until about 5pm when we decided we needed out of the house, so we went to see Vin Diesel in the Pacifier. Not a lot of plot, but a happy movie and they had a gratuitous just-for-the-moms-in-the-theater shot of the yummy man in nothing but a towel. Oh oh oh oh oh. It was a good thing. AND the best part is as we are going in the dark looking for a seat, Beth sees two of her very best little girlfriends with one of my favorite moms and we sat by them, then went to Panera's afterwards. We moms sat at a tall table by the door and the three muskateers sat at a booth and were just crack-ups. I had a BLAST. I LOVE this woman, she is from Scotland, but spent her summers in KC area. This is the one that went on the brownie campout in 20 degree weather, where we learned we both went to summer camp at Camp Oakledge all those years ago. We sat and laughed and talked and gossiped and now have a standing date to go have cocktails at her house while the monsters run around outdoors! THAT's a good thing as well.

Did almost no knitting this week, was basically a lump of humanity. I am just dying to get started on something, maybe a buttonhole bag??? who knows?? I'm going to think on it tonight.

We ended up going down to the lake after all and had a great time. Got back today, house is a mess, but don't really care. I am so talented at looking above the clutter (and our clutter factor is very high, so this can be a challenge).

Camille, thanks for the sweet comment, I am looking forward to knitting with you ladies on Wed. night!

What's your reward for reading through another long, rambling post from the Knitting Virgin? DOODIE MAN. I stole the link from KnitFit. I have often been accused of being too into "bathroom humor" but I don't care as this one is too much freaking fun. I will warn you I laughed until my eyes watered. I'm sending it to Mark as he was immediately the one I thought of.

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