Thursday, March 03, 2005

All those years of faking it finally pay off

Don't get me wrong, I love sex. I love all fun stuff, but I've been known to do a Meg Ryan restaurant scene in bed a time or two as I was either done myself & tired, or just would've rather been getting something else done or going to sleep, you know how it is. So, I am now the QUEEN of all FAKING IT. Yup. The big boss-man is unavailable by cell or email (isn't that almost unheard-of these days?) and our favorite client needs a bunch of natural gas pricing models created & sent over for a presentation TODAY. I thought, no problemo, bossman checks in each day, I know he's got all that stuff, no sweat. Yes sweat. He USED to have them all, they are now either saved somewhere I can't access or are gone. So, I call a few smart people I've run into in the vendor world, (those that really want our continued business are always SO helpful) and they proceed to further complicate my life instead of saying, Oh, of course we have that information, let me email it to you ALREADY DONE. nope. They say things like "of course, you know you have to factor in........and don't stop talking. cripes.

I am very good at using my limited knowledge in this field of energy resources to cover the basics, but the deeper questions & calculations are beyond me and THIS client knows his stuff. Somehow, I pulled just enough information out of the thin air and the thick packets of information and even included two pretty charts. I mean, really, where are we without pretty charts? I AM SHE-RAH HEAR ME DO HER WEIRD YODEL THING.....LLLLAAALALALALALALALALLLAAAAA. OK, maybe it's better if I dont' do that.

On the plus side, hair is FABULOUS today. Nowhere to go but the basement, but at least I'm feeling fluffy and my attitude-mojo's back.

I listed more craft crap on ebay last night, and as I'm calculating $$ that will be coming in I did a bit of searching for yarn last night. I'm going to have to control myself, but dammit that's hard.

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