Monday, March 28, 2005

teaching my kids to knit

I got two pair of these today at Michaels, I have a boat-load of acrylic worsted weight yarn, and the patience of a fruit fly. What else could I possibly need to teach my OWN two children to knit? Of course, I haven't been able to teach a normal adult to knit yet, so why not take on my own children? bwaa haa haa ha. pray for me. My kids have been begging to learn to knit "on needles" for a week or so now, so I guess it's time. I'm thinking we'll try for either a rectangle we can sew into a bean bag or a scarf if they have the patience. Actually, my children are ever so much more patient than I am. wish me luck.

I have a TON of cute ideas for my daughter to make as her knitting skills proceed, but am really low on ideas for boys. My son will NOT wear a sweater, already has one scarf made with camo-looking yarn and a lasso (same yarn braided and tied with a loop--sad, really), but I'm on the lookout for cool ideas for boys patterns--anything you've got. Let me know if anyone finds good stuff, I'd love a link or even a name & I can google to find it.

....and the addiction goes on....steak burrito bowl from chipotle with guacamole....well, it was just across the street from Michael's...ok, so not just across the street, but only about 4 stoplights and 2 turns and within the same general area, so who was I to resist the call? it was yummy. can you smell my breath from there? I'm truly scary now, but my belly's full and oh so happy.

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