Wednesday, March 09, 2005

damn migraines

Well, I was all ready to go to the stichin meetup tonight at Starbucks, Dad had volunteered to watch the kiddos and everything, but while waiting in line in the car for kid #1, my eyesight started going a bit wacko. I didn't see any of the psychedelic funky aureas or whatever they're called, so I told myself, no, it's not a sign of the big one coming. Waited patiently. Picked up kid #1, drove to get kid #2, half-way there all the fun disco in my brain stuff started up, I was lucky to get home without running over anyone. I could see as long as I kept moving my head around, how scary is that? took my imitrix I lifed from mom's stash, I only get these puppies about once every few months, so I never end up getting in to see a dr for my own prescript. now it's 8:42 and I'm going to bed. all is calm, all is round young virgin, ok I'm feeling rather round, but I'm afraid the only virgin part of me is my knitting ventures.

good night. Next week I'm going to eat my chipotle and knit with some ladies dammit. My cousin's coming over as it's spring break and the folks are heading to the lake.

I'm taking the munchkins to the lake for our "spring break" aka the weekend. I am only working in the office 8-10:00am next week and will have my daughter at home the rest of the days. I may teach the child to knit, maybe it will keep her occupied. She's been wanting to learn, but now my head is tired and so am I. good night.

ok, anyone else get those "dear diary" flashbacks from when you were 12 years old? maybe it's just the headache drugs.

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