Saturday, March 05, 2005

What is the Knitting Virgin doing this weekend?

Wild party nights? Party like it's 1999? Nope. I sewed in about a million yarn ends, or more like 15-20. And all this went into the washing machine for probably 4 or 5 washes...we'll see. I have one of those oh-so-gentle on the clothing washing machines, so it always takes lots of cycles. Pictured below is the pre-felted Fabulous Felted Hat, modified Jildo's Dildo bag (got to think of a better name for it before the sale in Sept), my Tina's Tote (first time trying this, we'll have to see how it shapes up, it's only knit on one strand of noro, and that big may turn out to be too thin, but we'll see what happens. I also made some swatches AFTER finishing my projects, ah well. I wanted them to keep for my knitting journal. I am also going to see what happens to the Schaefer Esperanza I got on sale at Knit Wits. It's mohair, alpaca and wool, so it should felt, but I wanted to check first. If it does, I'm making buttonhole bags out of it!

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It was FREAKING GORGEOUS outdoors today. I could hardly get my kids to come inside. They spent most of the morning out in the backyard, I read the ENTIRE paper at the table on the porch. Then inside for about an hour, and into the front yard for soccer, basketball, coloring on the driveway with chalk, biking around the driveway (mom was too lazy to go for a bike ride--I mostly sat and knitted and played soccer and blew bubbles), bubbles, digging for rocks, and walking the dog. The dog AGAIN found one little dog turd in the backyard that had not been scooped by our new purple pooper scooper and ROLLED in it. All freaking over him. Cripes. so the dog got a bath too. Kids were asleep tonight within 5 minutes of hitting the bed and I'm not far behind. We're supposed to have one more nice day and then back to cold & cruddy.

Time to re-cycle the washing machine. I get entirely too excited watching my little felted items reshape themselves. I even love the smell of wet wool now.

My little white-trash-size dream house is still there. I feel it IS my house. I want it. I just hope no one else does before we put in an offer. I really really really really REALLY want that damn house. I know it's got some serious sinking of the back side foundation, but if the price is lowered and that's fixed, it should be mine. mine. mine. I tried to talk Mark into wandering around his yard like a crazy Arkansas back-woods hick if someone seems too interested in the house (it's across the street from my friends) but he thinks that may not be best if the person actually ends up becoming his neighbor. We'll see.

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