Monday, October 03, 2005

Picture time....picture la la la la la la la Picture Time!

I always forget this is supposed to be a KNITTING blog, so here's proof that I do occasionally pick up some sticks and yarn....(click small dark pic for larger version of dark pic). Honey boy took the pic at the beginning of my Art Fair and he's not so good with the digital camera yet.

Weekend was WONDERFUL!!! I got my check from the art show, I got my paycheck, I wrote a buttload of bills and still had a few $$ left to spend! woo hoo! Don't worry, I'm sure living-paycheck-to-paycheck-Girl will appear again in about a week and a half!

Friday night sleepover with one of my daughter's friends resulted in about 4 hours sleep for all of us. urgh. The next time I start thinking of hosting one of those evenings, someone smack me upside the head. hard. They were good kids, just wouldn't GO TO SLEEP and they kept me up as well until after 1:30. not a biggie, but then they were up at SIX O'FREAKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING, and they were LOUD....

Sat. evening I went to a serious mansion in south KC with the honey for his Kindergarten parents social for the Barstow parents (rich private school, not that there's anything wrong with that...). OH MY HOLY HELL that place was a monument to what you do when you have entirely too much money to spend. Pretty cool folks hosting the party too. The ex-wife of bf and her bf were there too, but we were pleasant. Jeff was a bit uncomfortable, but all in all we had a great time. We mostly did the hang in the lower level and she hung in the upper level and switch every so often thing.

Sunday Jeff went to the chiefs game (WHY is it so hard to be a kc fan???? Royals, urgh Chiefs--you'd better stop pissing me off....starting out balls to the wall and ending like a bunch of double A college kids.....CRIPES). I took the kids to the Old Missouri Town and I'm telling you we had a blast! There was an online coupon, so it was only FIVE dollars for all three of us (carload is normally only $7). Everything there was low priced, volunteers were friendly and we had a BLAST! I kept meaning to take a pic of someone spinning or dying yarns, (cauldrons cooking over fires and women stirring with big wooden spoons--very cool) but we were too busy watching everything! Here's some highlights of my kids. Joey made his own cowboy rope by cranking this handle tool thing, Beth and Joey made ragdolls ("just like Charlotte on Little House, huh mom?"), we did the hay maze, cake walks, tried tunisian crochet, and found this cool peg knitting thing that I used to use as a kid for Beth. You have a bunch of wooden pegs you loop yarn over and hook over and it's like a giant finger knitting thing that's long and you can make gorgeous scarves from. I'll put pics on and am all excited as I totally forgot about making these way back in girl scouts or something... Good times were had by all!

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