Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New patterns are online again

New editions of Crochet Me and MagKnits are up and have some new stuff. I am not tempted in the least by the strange pointy cover collar thing on Magknits, but the socks look cool. There's a very cute crocheted felted handbag & headband & felted flower set that are calling my name from crochet me.

I'm gonna have to start writing at night I guess. My mornings are just getting too crammed. I actually worked almost ten TEN TEN TEN hours today all together. Cripes. I worked at work, ran to class with a kid, went home and worked, picked up other kid, worked, fed children, worked and just put them to bed. The work computer in the corner of the bedroom is OFF baby. OFF OFF OFF. Man, I could never be one of those power chics working my life away. BUT this gives me a bit more time to play tomorrow! woo hoo! Amidst some work tomorrow I am scheduling a Body Combat class and a Jazzercise class. Body Combat is taught by my personal trainer lady who was leading the W.O.W. (women on weights) class that just ended. I'm still no closer to my weight loss goal, so figure I'd better start mixing up the exercise stuff. (Actually class ended two weeks ago and I've mostly sat on my ass building up my "knitter's butt") Knitter's Butt is a terrible side effect of too much chocolate, too much tv and too much sitting and knitting. Knitter's Butt isn't quite as scary as Shelf Butt (where you could set a drink on a coaster up there) so apparently the moving of fingers and clicking of needles provides just enough caloric burn that we just get a nice round thing that slowly takes over the hips and thighs as well.

I've still not given up on the whole knitting while treadmilling thing, but I'm still a bit shaken from my last go-round with the whole almost impaling myself on a rosewood size 11 needle episode..... ANYWAY Body Combat..."prepare to defend yourself. This is a choreographed kickboxing class that will push you to the limits..." Doesn't that just sound like me? Wonder if my limits are anything near the actual limits? Jazzercise, here I come. I'd like to get set on a schedule of doing that more often as I was sweating and a bit sore afterwards but was still able to walk (unlike starting many exercise crazes for me in the past).

So, I have survived exactly four days without real chocolate. The sugar free pudding made with lowfat milk somehow just doesn't satisfy the way a good ol' half bag of double stuffed oreos does. I've also tried VERY hard to limit my processed sugars and white flour. I've only been a total biotch for about 2 days, the other 2 days were intermixed with tears and that blank staring at the wall I used to do after drinking all night back in college. You know the stare, the one where you're only about 2 feet from the bathroom door and have a bucket next to your feet just in case. Yeah, that's the blank stare. Are you sure all this vegetables, meat and cheese is really good for me? Maybe my body is just a freak show that needs its 90% carbs and 10% healthy crap. I'm not giving up the diet cokes, though. The only times in my life I've lived without that vice is when I was pregnant or when I had to quit for the boobie bumps (to see if they got worse or better, they stayed the same, so the good stuff came back into my life hallelujah!)

Loverboy update...he's still there and still sweet. He went through a phase of teasing me nonstop for about a week until I snapped at him and nicely called him MotherFuxxer every few sentences. In a loving manner mostly. I think it got the point across. He told me he can take whatever going through sugar withdrawal does to me. He thinks divorce was enough to help prepare him. silly boy.

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