Tuesday, October 25, 2005

more silly stuff

Here's a fun to-do from Continue in Kind's blog passed on from someone else. I did something like it a while back and it cracked me up.

Go to Google and type in your name and needs...."Christine needs" and list what comes up. Here's what Christine needs...

#1. Christine needs help.

#2. Christine needs some saving herself.

#3. Christine needs your involvement to succeed in reclaiming District 6.

#4. Christine needs to have an attorney.

#5. Christine needs to go. All she does is complain.

#6. Christine needs to be played by an actor with good range as she'll play brat, tomboy, coquette, etc.

#7. Christine needs to pack her bags.

#8. Christine needs to be isolated from everyone.

#9. Christine needs to stop looking at clothes.

#10. Christine needs more than just fast sex and a roll in the hay.

Go, have some fun, you know you wanna.

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