Monday, October 03, 2005

Guess what my son said in the grocery store tonight?

OK, so we're walking through the grocery store. Kids are behaving astonishingly well, no fussing, no whining, no fighting. I should've known something would happen. I get a sudden craving for some of those Mike's Hard Limeades. We turn and walk down the cold beer aisle (we're shopping on the Missouri side of state line). There are quite a few women in the beer and wine aisles. We walk through, my five and a half year old son Joey looks up at the coolers and said "Beer, part of this daily complete balanced breakfast." The other women look at me like I'm Satan Mother running a crack house daycare center. I couldn't help it, I lost it. I laughed so hard I even snorted. (and not in a ladylike fashion) I asked Joey where the HECK did you get that? and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled, enjoying the attention from all the shoppers. Beth did the roll her eyes thing and said "whatEVER Joey". There's no hope for us.

I was not being a good little knitter, I couldn't help it. Knitting round after round for over 75 rounds of a big ol purse just isn't much fun. SO I started pulling all the tiny little balls of leftover noro and such and crocheted a bunch of little flowers to felt and make into pins. THAT would have been great in a sale. Ah well. I'll just make a bunch and get them ready to adorn my daughter's and my jean jackets, purses, and have around in case I decide to do another big ol' sale someday. SO ANYWAY, use up a bunch of different noro little bits in similar color schemes and they are SO FREAKING cute! I'll felt them up and let you know how they turn out. I used the lion's brand website's crocheted flowers pattern. I can't seem to find it now on the website, if you want it, let me know in the comments or email me and I'll send the details to you. It goes very fast.

I'm off to have some of my complete balanced daily breakfast right now. Those kids are nuts.

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