Tuesday, October 25, 2005

be impressed, be very impressed...(darth vader's voice here)

OK, so we watched some good old Star Wars movies last night. LOVE me some Han Solo.....mmmmmmm..... I've been in love with Harrison Ford since I first saw him on Star Wars as a young girl, loved the man right up till he got all skinny & freaky looking with that skinny chic, what's her name? Can't remember, but I loved her old show. Ah well. I'll just remember him as Han Solo. mmmmmmmm.

I impressed myself last night. I've been getting all home-makery lately. Jeff is a bit of a homebody like me. His favorite kind of evening is just sitting home, eating a family meal, kids doing homework, playing in the yard with the whole family and putting the kids to bed, snuggling watching tv, then off to bed ourselves. Sign me up for some of that! Well, for now, we've each got our own households, so we take those nights the few times they're available. Jeff came over last night and I said, hey, I'll cook dinner (in a tone that said, no big deal, I do it all the time...) I actually cook like 4 meals. total. period. seriously. I have been going through my trusty betty crocker cookbook (that I got from Jildo's mom as a wedding shower gift LONG LONG ago, shhhhhh don't tell) and a stack of taste of home magazines. Back in New Mexico, one of the bank tellers that worked with me took pity on me and wrote very easy directions for how to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes and a few other things. I've now got my very own recipe box full of recipes. I made some weird chicken with green chilies and red beans and rice combo thing and it was GOOD! All by myself. I even had little squares of cheese and wheat thins. on a tray. woooooo boy! Jeff ate a TON and there was no left-overs, which I took to be a good sign. I put a little red x in the corner of this recipe so it's a keeper.

Just call me Little Martha. My kids were being all creative and getting ALONG. It was like the twighlight zone at my house if you wanna be honest. Beth read Joey his library books, Joey made some long orange chain out of pipe cleaners and they hung it up as a halloween decoration. Beth was cutting out pumpkins and taping them all over the house. I sat down after dinner and knitted a bit, and we were just June & Ward-y minus the beav.

This afternoon is yet another holiday for my son's afternoon care, so I have him AND a little friend over. His mom said "oh, wonderful, but would you mind keeping him until 3:30 for me?" sure. no problemo. I normally get a bit antsy on playdates over 2 hours long, but was feeling all domestic goddess-ish, so what the heck. THEN right before getting off the phone, she said Oh, I don't allow my son to watch any tv, videos or play video games at play dates. I said, what a great idea. Only problem is ususally two 5 1/2 year old boys get a bit tired of each other after 2 hours and that tv and video game setup are my salvation. I figure I'll take them to McD's so they can run around the playland and I can knit on the clappy. The sun is shining, so I'll send them outdoors for a bit too. wish me luck!

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