Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 5th is National Walk Your Child to School Day

Well, we remembered that as we drove the gas guzzling suv up to the school past throngs of families walking along the street. whoooops. Ah well. My kids figured no biggie. We were actually lucky to be at school before the bell rang today. One of those "I don't care if both shoes are different so long as there's one on each foot!" kind of mornings.

I even took a lovely picture of the felted crocheted flowers I pulled out of the washing machine this am. Freaking Photobucket is not working, all my pics are gone....they'd better just be having a glitch....crap. Of course I had no backups, that would mean I was an organized woman. crap crap crap!

Maybe I'll have pics again later, sure hope so. If not, I'll have to spend a LOT of time going through the old hard drive of the computer or taking a buttload of pictures. I'm sure it's just a temporary glitch...pretty sure...ok just hoping.

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