Friday, October 21, 2005

a little bit sore....

OOOOOohhhhhhhh my back and shoulders and arms and legs and tummy and butt are all a bit sore today. Not horribly painfully sore, but got a serious workout sore. I'm thinking that body combat/kickboxing thing kicked my butt. My goal for the weekend is to not be a total slug. I'm gonna go walking and do the normal run around outdoors with the kids thing. I wanna curl up on the couch and go to sleep for oh, about 22 hours. Ah well.

Damn hurricanes. Sure hope Wilma peters out and misses Florida. My baby bro and his new wife are building a new home down in Naples, right smack in the Collier County they're getting ready to evacuate. They just moved down last year, so they've had all kinds of fun.

Damn spammers. I can't remember my password to haloscan commenting thing and their system sends out your password "in a couple of hours" so I can't get my comments more protected until later today. Thanks for the warning Colleen! I should'a called this "Blogging Virgin" instead of Knitting Virgin. cripes.

IT'S FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYY! woo hoo baby! Gonna sit, gonna knit, gonna go find a pumpkin patch and get stuff we don't need. We got costumes at Target last night, there's a pretty good selection and they're MUCH nicer than the normal kids' costumes we get. We're going to have an "adorable witch" and a Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the family this Halloween. Beth is having issues with the word adorable on the costume bag. It's a cute dress & hat. I told her we'd do black fingernails and stick spiders all over her so she will be quite creepy with a stylish dress, aka anti-adorable. Joey's building himself a racecar out of a big ol' QVC box courtesy of Grandma. (Grandma has a bit of a QVC addiction...she got a hand-signed birthday card from them....just saying...most of our presents this year are coming off the tv.) My mom gave me a hard time about not making the costumes ourselves and I just looked at her. LOOKED at her. She decided when they came out that they were cute as buttons and it was well worth the $15 each. I did that crap two years ago and I'm NOT going through that again. period.

I'm working on convincing my professor that since I'm the only one in class now, we should only do classes on Mon. and Wed. and take off Fri's. So far, no go, but I'm not giving up.

I need to get my clappy ready for wearing!!! dammit!!! Back to work, then to class, then pick up kids, OH and for those following the drama.....Russell is moving out this weekend, he really needed to, so I'm helping with that too. Man, I HATE it when friends split up. I know it's best but it still sucks for them. Then there's the guilt of trying to be friends with both sides, aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! THEN I'm sitting and knitting my clappy and watching the chiefs tonight. later gators.

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