Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'm having another boring kind of day. Actually it should be crammed to the hilt as I have laundry to do, work from home (and seriously need to crank out some work), the clutter has invaded again and taken over my life. Normally I can just walk past the tottering piles of crap, but it's making me CRAZY!!! The last few kids that have come over for playdates when we walk through the garage to get inside the house say "man, you guys have a LOT of stuff." and these kids are like FIVE and EIGHT years old, which is pretty damn sad. The garage isn't even the scary part....I was raised by a couple of packrats that were raised by packrats themselves. Not so bad that we save total crap like old newspapers and stuff, but just "you may need this someday......" thinking that helped the grandparents make it through the depression feeding their families of 14 and 11 kids and all that. Well, in this day and age I'm sure I should be better, but I'm gonna throw out some SERIOUS SHXT in the next few days. PLUS, poor Jeff is one of those living simply kind of guys and if we're gonna join our families someday, I've got to get things pared down seriously or the poor boy will run for the hills.

Got a 96 on my midterm, but only a 91 on my project. That's OK with me! A baby! I don't care if it's an A- but it's an A! woo hoo! His comments were basically that I had great ideas and points but didn't seem to develop them too well and I didn't include a bibliography. That's because it was written in about 2 hours (supposed to take 2 months solid work which is why we had no homework other than reading) and the bibliography probably wouldn't look too good written out with "from my the seat of my pants" "off the top of my head" listed. :)

What else? OH well, we totally forgot about Beth's report that's due TOMORROW about the Grizzly bear. I ran by and got a library book and printed off some crap from the internet and we started it LAST night. I'm really trying not to pass my habit of slacking off and then freaking out on homework to the kids, but this one just slipped our minds. cripes. damn bears. I thought we had till Monday, but NOPE. Oh well, guess what we'll be doing tonight?

I'm one row away from the part in Clapotis where I get to start dropping stitches and I'm entirely too excited! I've got a stupid question, so I'm headed for the Yarn Shop in OP. (after working & laundry & cleaning $ AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH screw it, I'm off to the LYS!)

OH, and the Knitty surprises are up. This one cracked me up! It's a sure bet for cheering up a breast cancer survivor out there. I'm afraid to make one myself as since I can't seem to get even a sweater to fit right.....you can image the rest from there.

No hives on my butt, belly or thighs, so I kept on applying (and inhaling, the chubby counter lady said you MUST inhale as you apply to get the grapefruit fat burning lotion working in my brain) today. Things are tingling, but it's probably made with some kind of plop plop fizz fizz alka-seltzer technology to make me think it's working. We'll see. If I suddenly develop thin thighs and less cellulite, I'll be sure to let you all know! (Actually, the day I can try on a normal cut of pants and have them go over the thunder thighs, I will be proclaiming it from a mountaintop. Or maybe the top floor of a mall (we have very few mountain tops around here).

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