Friday, October 21, 2005

a totally childish cursing rant

OK, so who's bright freaking idea was it for me to give up most forms of sugar, sending me into some freaky-ass mood swings and withdrawl headaches RIGHT BEFORE I go PMS-ing??? Oh, yeah. My bright freaking idea.

Let's just say it's not pretty. nope. not at all. I told Jeff I don't wanna see anyone or do anything for at least the next few hours. We'll get together tomorrow and do all the cute family crap (soccer games, pumpkin patch, giant sleepover) then. He thinks I'm more lovable now that I'm showing a bit more of my moodier self rather than being sweet all the time. WTF? I said "I am sweet, dammit" and only called him a motherfuxxer once with a partially loving voice. I think it's a line he's shoveling but don't give a flying freak. SEE??? my metabolism and sugar levels of the brain are all freaking out here!!! grrrrrrrrrrr

THEN I think, calm down biotch. You just need a treat. (yes I talk to myself, and sometimes I answer too) I know, I'll stop by this other nail place I used to go to for a spa pedicure. It's not the best in the world that I use now, that was on the other side of town and I only had an hour and a half until I had to pick up kids. I settled. motherfuxxer. I enjoyed the vibrating and massaging chair, I enjoyed the hot bubbly water, I enjoyed the massage of the feet and smelly lotion. I did NOT enjoy the cutting flat across with no shaping on the nails. I now have ugly stubby looking toenails. My big toes look like some fat guy who bites his thumbnails and painted red. THEN I did not enjoy the UGLIEST saddest excuse for flowers on BOTH my big toes. Ugly ugly ugly. (I was talking to lovahboy on the cell phone like a good little johnson county yuppie and not paying attention during the end of the pedi.) SO I paid good money to look worse than I went in. nice. Jeff called during my drive home and I was all pouty and his solution was "why did you pay? Go in there and get your money back" LIKE I could do that? right. I went home, wiped the ugly-ass stubby toenails and repainted the damn things. Now they're just sad. and stubby.


I know, I know, people dying in the world, children starving, religious, racial and other forms of persecution....other things to cry over, right? yeah, right. Thinking on that just made me even pissier rather than snap me out of my funk.

I'm ordering pizza, gave my kids POP to drink as a bribe for them to go play nicely and am gonna sit my butt down in front of the tv and knit. and curse. I'm afraid the motherfuxxer word was used a coupla-fourty times today and it's only 4:40pm. It's gonna be a long night.

Fuxxing sugar dt's and fuxxing pms. bad fuxxing combination.

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