Tuesday, October 11, 2005

sale at the Studio and other shxt I apologize for offending people in advance

How cool is this? Matthew's Birthday Sale at the Studio on Nov. 6 & 7th from 10am-6pm. Bring in a hand knit or purchased child sized hat or mittens for donation to the Children's Place in Brookside and the Studio will give you 25% off ALL IN-STOCK MERCHANDISE! No, I don't need anything, YES I'm going anyway! I've got my eye on some serious yarn and maybe even a bit of needlepoint stuff to boot.

The Studio also has a big barrell for donations for hurricane victims! Go through your stash and pick out something you know you're never going to use and give it so some of the crafters who lost their supplies. You KNOW all of us were thinking "OMG how would I get my kids and MY YARN out???" You know you were. They are accepting all kinds of craft stuff...cross stitch, beading, needlepoint, yarn, needles, you name it, they need it.

I'm off to jazzercise today. Should be interesting.

Last night I went down to SW Blvd and I-35 (the north exit of SW Blvd--that totally screwed me up, having TWO exits for the same road. cripes) to the Rime Center (buddhist temple) for some interfaith council talk with Houston Smith and a local minister. It was "suggested" by my professor (class of one) that it would help my grade "significantly" for me to attend. In my head I thought "jeez, it'd be easier just to sleep with the guy for an A" but I'm a good girl and love my man and would never ever do that. (I only went out with one professor in my wild past and we did nothing sexual, chill people!) I was thinking OH LORD more self-rightous Christian people...but tried to keep an open mind and a shut mouth. It was freaking COOL! This old guy is 86, has a hard time talking, can't hardly hear and reads lips and was barely able to sit upright on his barstool through the talk. He spoke slowly and deliberately and though was difficult for him, he was seriously charismic. I mean he was intelligent, witty and funny and much like someone who seems to represent what "Christianity" should mean. I was so impressed with the guy that I bought his book. I was thinking the other day, when did being a "Christian" stop meaning a person who believed in Christ and tried to live in his example and became almost a dirty word? Around here being a "Christian" has come to mean "Militant Anti-Choice, Gay-Hating, Political PowerMongering Closed Minded and if you don't agree with us you're going to hell people" (and God forbid you're a Christian from Kansas, OH MAN that sounds even worse, doesn't it?) I'm still trying to raise my children in the golden rule and "God is love" stuff. In the idea that being a Christian is different that what is portrayed around us. Jeez, ok, enough with the religious banter, this chic gets too heeby jeeby over the whole issue. Damn world religions college class. If you're looking for a book that talks about the hijacking of the faith by the politicians and also gets on the extreme liberals for forwarding their own ajendas and tries to point out some simple clear solutions in a light, intelligent manner, read it. the Soul of Christianity, restoring the great tradition I'm telling you, even Jon Stewart would love this guy.

I'm such the total suburban momma. Walking from the truck to the rime center last night, I thought, oh, what a cute little trendy neighborhood...I would love to live so close to everything in the city..... Then speed walking up the hill back in the dark, I was thinking I was total mug-bait. Some little old lady opened her gate and stepped out onto the sidewalk ahead of me and I almost wet my pants. I'm such a wimp.

SO, what would any good little Catholic girl do on her way home from a religious discussion? Go visit her divorced lovahboy. sure! Jeff was supposed to have his kids all evening, but after a "discussion" with the ex-wife, was able to come to a compromise and get the kids' school project completed (building a model of the MO state capitol for one boy and food cut into basic shapes for the other) he called and said he had dropped them off and wanted to see me. SO, called Dad, kids were asleep, I dropped by. I think some of my favorite times with Jeff are just sitting on the couch, snuggling and talking about our days. Do you remember when you were first dating your love? When you don't see each other for 5 days and it seems like an eternity? awwwwwwwwww. too sweet. Oh we all know I'm a tramp, so the evening ended nicely too.

WHO is this lady???? religion and dripping romance? ick. I'm off to dance around and sweat my big ol butt off. I apologize, I've had no chocolate for 6 days now and it makes me loopy. I'm trying not to eat fried food and empty carbs, and that has just upset the whole planet alignment/freaky karma system around me. I need chocolate and margaritas. Don't worry Jildo, when you come to town we're going to eat, drink and be merry! Chicken Fingers, chips from Chili's with ranch dressing, margaritas and m&m's are all on the menu!

Later gators, or as Beth would say "see you soon baboon" and Joey would say "same place monkey face". Ahh, raising them right.

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