Friday, September 30, 2005

Don't Date Him Girl!

OK, so where was this website when I was out there?????? OH MY GOD!(said just like Janis on Friends) I know, I know, there are probably some of these cases where women just had an axe to grind, but OH LORDY just think of the things it could have helped with!!!! It's a listing of men who are cheaters and their stories. You can search by city or by name. I could've avoided the whole situation with Kenny Rogers lookalike of answering the phone and saying "yes, this is Christine, can I help you?" and hearing "you could stop dating my husband." BAM! WOW, not a good way to find out your prospective man is a cheater. I could've avoided a few other icky guys that I just had a "feeling" about so good thing I didn't continue on.... There weren't any entries by Kansas ladies the other day, but they just started hitting the radio station tour and so I imagine local cheaters'll be on there soon. I just thought WHAT a great idea. It's like a monster group of girlfriends chatting about their list of boys to avoid.

Don't Date Him Girl

OH OH OH I'm glad I'm dating my honey now! We have a quiet weekend planned. Tonight he's coming over later and we're watching tv and snuggling. Doesn't that sound nice? mmmmmm. LOVE THAT! Tomorrow we may or may not take my kids to some festival or other. Maybe the Ren Fest, maybe Old Missouri Town's Fall Craft Festival, maybe to the Steamboat Arabia museum or maybe just to the park. Our only mission is to go to Jeff's house and light a fire in his newly refinished fireplace.

I'm just about half-way through the big bag for the sale, can't wait to be done knitting this thing. I just can't decide what oh what to knit next. It's so strange, I'm tempted to make a tank top. serioulsy. I know it's fall and it's going to be cold soon. I know I was making scarves in the summer so maybe I'm just all akilter, who knows. I'm going to make myself finish the clapotis next, but I've got a serious case of startitis coming on. maybe it's time to wander around and see what looks good on everyone else's list of projects.

I'm barely surviving having kids at home with me and trying to shuffle them around so I can get some work done. HOW ON EARTH do homeschooling parents do this? I'd impale myself on a metal knitting needle before I'd voluntarily keep my children home with me every day. I love my children, I love them more than life itself, but OH LORD I love the public educational system. I'm a much better mother when I have a few hours of peace and time away from the munchkins. I think they like being around me more when they've had a break from me too. THANK YOU TEACHERS!!!!!

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