Thursday, October 06, 2005

Denim troubles....

Well, I have a lovely picture of my traumatic incident last night. I was getting ready to go to Jeff's house. We were going shopping for shoes. For me. His suggestion. I am the queen of inappropriate footwear. He normally loves my silly flippy shoes, but died when I said the only pair of shoes I have with a back on them is my snowboots. I also have one pair of tennies, but can only wear them with workout stuff, I just can't bring myself to wear tennies with jeans and a nice sweater or button down. I just can't do it. SO I get ready, put on a denim skirt that was a bit snug, did the duck walk to stretch things out, got it to the point I could breathe, and bent over to pick up a dropped curler. RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP! Yes, I split the freaking skirt right up the front. See, it had a nice little 2" slit built into the front. Now it has a nice little 12 inch RIP up the front. I have pictures of this saved for when I'm craving a bag of oreos. I would post it here, but MY PHOTOBUCKET PICTURES are all gone....

What did I do? Well, I thought ok. I can put on a pair of jeans. Not a good idea. Not ONE pair of jeans can be zipped. I only have one sad pair of denim capri's that are pretty much walking themselves to death. that and sweatpants. SO, stupid me, I tell Jeff what happens when he asks why I seem sad. I've still got tears in my eyes, it was VERY traumatic. It was a very loud rip. After he laughed at me and joked about noticing a different force of nature with its own gravity pull, he soon realized I was NOT in a mood to be teased and behaved himself.

We went to Oak Park and mall walked. We started at good ol' Eddie Bauer. I found out they no longer carry the one style that always fit me. (tiny waist big ass ass & thighs) I almost cried again. Good night, I'm shallow...ANYWAY they have this great fit called "natural fit" and I got two pairs of the stretch version in a size I have never had to buy before. Jeff was so contrite he'd paid for them while I was still shopping around. Then we hit every shoe store in the mall, found one pair at Dillards I liked that were sensible without looking too manly and got them too. How can I not love this man when he buys me shoes????? and jeans???? too sweet.

Back to Jeff's house (dad very nicely offered to babysit for me) and we built a fire and snuggled and had a nice evening.

SEE, you people just thought I was joking when I said I made denim scream....didn't you? I just duckwalked this poor skirt to death.

Now the issue is socks. I have almost no socks since I only wear silly shoes. SO, I think it's about time I got a mate made for my one little sockie. I think I can do this now! I found a lot of cute sock yarn at the local shops, so maybe I'll be sporting a new look this fall inbetween my flippy days.

New plan...keep working out, start jogging again (ugh) hit Jazzercise (yeah!) and eat less chocolate and sugar and bread and all things good. eat more crap like veggies and meat and cheese dammit. Try not to kill anyone while denying myself all the good things in life. (I'm not very nice without my chocolate and empty calories and carbs). Where's a good old bottle of the old metabolife when you need it???? Why oh Why did I throw my last bottle away? Just a few people were dropping dead, but damn I was skinny......crap eating better and exercising more just sucks. sucks. sucks!!

OK, YEAH Photobucket seems to be on its way back!! I WILL backup my photos this weekend one way or another.

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