Sunday, October 16, 2005

The party is here....or was here...or something like that

SO, GREAT freaking weekend! Friday night I wore a sexy black top with a new bra that actually gives me cleavage and my new jeans and black heeled boots (with no backs of course, I have no normal shoes yet) and looked entirely too good (great hair day to boot) to do nothing, so we went through the preview section of the paper, realized nothing was going on and we were too old & boring to drive downtown where it's hip, so we went to tanners. drank some beers, ate some food, played some pool, flirted a bit and then home to Jeff's house. The dog was boarded for the weekend and kids at sleepovers with their friends, Jeff's boys with their momma, so it was just us. MAN it's quiet when there's not four kids and a dog tromping around. It was heaven.

Saturday was a jumble. Running around doing errands, cleaning the house (or just parts that would show to the party guests), freaking out because no one was coming to my party, picked up Jildo (HOORAY) and basically running around crazytime. On the way to Topeka to get my girlfriend I had turned the music on 93.3 mix music and turned it to the back only. I was chatting on the phone and not paying any attention. My kids love the be-bop crap. no worries, right? All of a sudden I realized Joey's still singing after the song's over. huh. Then I listen and it's "my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps..." from the Black Eyed Peas. I was like "GOTTA GO--BYE" slammed shut the cell phone and shut down the radio. There's just something inherently wrong about a 5 1/2 year old boy singing about his lovely lady lumps. The rest of the trip we listened to classic rock and old country twang music.

This was our welcome sign at the door, made by Elizabeth. I was all worried as no one was coming to my party. It was Jeff and Jildo and me and the kids for some time, then my brother and his family stopped by for a few minutes, then my cousin (super-Michael the amazing baby-sitting-football-playing cousin) showed up (free beer and free food = Michael's gonna be there). THEN a couple of my friends that just split up from a five year serious relationship oh, about 18 HOURS before the party with the full rollercoaster of emotions, stress, anger, tears, the like, call to say they're coming over. TOGETHER. Hey, is that the makings of a good party or what? (did I mention these were some of my gay friends, not that this should matter, but my poor cousin is this big ol' sweet small town country boy who's a bit sheltered. oh lordy lordy). Of course, there's no one there yet, so it's just a TAD bit of tension, Michael's feeding his face with nachos and as the talk gets more detailed, a few jokes were told and talk got a bit ribald (just a tiny bit) and that poor country cousin of mine was feeding his face so fast it was like a blur. He got up and basically ran for the backdoor. He spent most of the evening outdoors sitting by the raging bonfire with Jeff drinking beers. After some "he said, he said" stuff, one boy went out dancing with friends, and the other stayed with us. As the evening went on, people began trickling in and we had a bona fide par-tay going on. Fire was flaring, moon was bright, kids were running around playing on the swingset and we had a blast!

Sunday entailed sleeping in, (my kids didn't move until after 8:00am, a new record! woo hoo!), knitting on my clapotis (finally) and watching the chiefies WIN WIN WIN, can I get another woo hoo? and best of all, SHOPPING at Dillards, one of my very favorite places to be. Wanna know what stupid thing I bought today? Well, it was either spend all my $$ on a sensible yet cute pair of shoes (I have none) or buy some Shiseido Body Creator. This is expensive grapefruit and caffeine riddled gel crap to slather on your body where you want to lose inches. I know, I know, but it smells good anyway. Self magazine wrote it up a while back and I've been wanting to try it ever since. You're supposed to inhale the grapefruit aroma, which stimulates the brain into buring fat mode, slather the stuff where the grapefruit and caffeine get in there and do their cellulite fighting thing and voila, you're a skinny minnie. Or something like that. Jildo pointed out the fact that the saleslady gushing over this crap was quite rotund, so if it worked so well, why was she so chubby? makes you think, huh? SO I've got me some expensive grapefruit crap. It may take away a dimple or may not. I'll at least smell fruity.

I'm off to knit a bit as my clapotis is gonna be finished in time to snuggle my shoulders when the cold comes.

Editor's note: Two hours after the first application of expensive grapefruit smelly lotion my butt & gut are still tingling. Either something's working there or I'm having a serious allergic reaction.

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