Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gauge Schmage

SO, my clappy is coming along so fast....I'm ready to start the decreasing end now. I made myself go to bed last night at 12:30 and it was a struggle as I wanted to knit knit knit and get this thing wearable. I spread it out across my lap and it is looking like the size of a damn lap afghan. Seriously, this thing is huge. I was originally thinking I'd like to knit a wrap after the clappy and now it looks like this puppy may resemble a body wrap rather than a scarf. Cool. Gauge? me? I think I may have stitched a 2" rectangle of 8 or 10 rows, if anything. I now am realizing why I have yet to knit a sweater that will fit my bod. I bought extra yarn in the beginning, which now is a very good thing.

I'm all normal today. I'm at work, working for 6 hours IN THE OFFICE. It's actually killing me. How did I do this for 8 hours a day 5 days a week and run around picking up kids from early care, after care, etc??? I was missing out on so much of life. I am hoping I still have this job for some time to come as it's just exactly what I needed.

Yesterday the kids wanted to take a walk. We are actually kind of a lazy little family and our walks normally last all of around the block once. The weather was beautiful, we were all energetic and ended up going a mile to the grocery store, sitting at a cafe table drinking root beers for the kids and diet coke for momma. Then we walked/jogged home, picking up leaves to press in phone books. We talked, we laughed, we had a blast!

Then after dinner, bath time ended with a surprise of new robes for both kids. (Target has cute lightweight and SOFT kids' robes for $19.99 now). Beth's had her own big white robe for 2 years and Joey's always wanted one of his own. They just don't make a whole lot of boys' robes. I've not been able to find one, and sewing one just did not appeal to me. We "improvised" on this one. The boys' dept had nothing but pj's and footed pj's. The girls' area had pink, purple and lime green robes. Beth's like "mom, are you going to tell Joey that's a girl's robe?" I'm all "NO and you won't either or your robe AND the new winter coat is going back to the store and I'll make you wear the baby blue hello kitty coat you hated last year if you say anything!" "I think the robe was just hanging in the wrong dept anyway. Yeah, it's GREEN and supposed to be in the boys' department." Beth--"Mom, it's got 2 pink and purple stars sewn on it." Me--"You want the cute leopard fur coat or not?" (I'm not above threatening my children as I find it works quite well.) Now I'm going to find a frog or truck patch to sew on top of the stars. Joey was thrilled. Beth was "the best big sister ever" for finding him a robe. All is well.

They're building a new CHIPOTLE down the road from my house near my very favorite Target in the city! 135th and State Line area. LOVE THAT!!! Can't wait. How freaking long does it take to build a chipotle? I'm craving some quac and chips majorly.

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