Wednesday, October 19, 2005

how great of a day am I having now?

OK, so I cleaned out the sock drawer. I know, I know. I have like 4 pairs of socks and they're all ugly little white anklets. Shame shame shame on a knitter with no socks....ANYWAY there's undies in there too and about a TON of crap from every time I change purses, I dump and go. I found a freaking check for $100 in there from dad paying me back for paying a bill or something a couple of months ago. ONE HUNDRED SMACKERS and I've been doing a bit too much retail therapy lately, so this puppy is coming in handy! woo hoo!

Also found in the messy drawer was a totally completed punched card from the Yarn Shop & More that is valid for $15 store credit. hmmmmmmm $100 and a $15 credit...what shall I do? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm gonna try to be good and only pick up a few needles I'm lacking. NO MORE YARN. I'm thinking I may use the new yarn from my secret pal for one of those big ol' market bags, but I haven't decided yet.

My daughter decided to work on her grizzly bear project at school, so we only had to get creative on the visual aid (buncha bear pics slapped onto a poster board with various scrapbooking crap around it) and write one paragraph. She even wrote a poem.

If you go walking way out there,
beware, beware of the grizzly bear.
The baby cubs like to play,
but momma bear will chase you away.
They eat a lot and have brown and black hair.
Let's all learn about the grizzly bear.

OK, how freaking cute is that? Oh baby I'm glad that's over. I asked her not to mention anything to her teacher about not starting the 2 week project until the night before, but I'm already busted as the teacher asked the class yesterday and Beth said "mom, you always say to be honest." [ok those of you who just snorted diet coke out your noses, I always SAY to be honest, but I am not always able to accomplish that feat.] I said of course, I didn't want you to LIE, I just didn't want you volunteering any info without need. It looks like we weren't the only derelicks as one other girl was not started either.

Joey's "going to college with mom" tomorrow as there's another Jewish holiday and his after-care program is closed. I am all for my Jewish friends having their fall holidays. Seriously. But the month of October has totally sucked for child care combining the EIGHT days they're closed with the extra days the dang school district has had off for teacher conferences, school improvement days, end of the quarter days... It's a good dang thing I've got some flexibility in my job or I'd be in some serious shit! Poor kid, his version of "going to college with mom" consists of walking into a mostly dead mall to sit in a classroom with me, the only student left, and one professor. Maybe I'll take him wandering around JCCC campus. We can go get a pop or ice cream at the student center or something. Walking an extra 2 miles from the parking lot is always a treat.

I am giving up on as I don't get much action selling books there. I listed about 30 books laying around the house in the "sell" pile yesterday afternoon and I've already sold 5! Not much cashola, but a whole lot easier than trying to sell them on ebay! I'm gonna start ebaying again, but in a while.

I can't put down my clapotis. I'll take pics soon I promise. I am loving it, but ready to have it done and wrapped around me! Jeff said "you're going to have to take a break from knitting so you don't get tired of it" tonight and I didn't even laugh at him. Sweet boy. It's my refuge from the crazy. I have so much freaking yarn and patterns piled up that going through them IS my taking a break! He's working away at my broken free crappy looking cedar chest I got from a garage sale. It's looking very respectable and should be ready to hold yarn by winter!

Jildo's mom has become a real knitter now. She is now sneaking yarn into the house when her hubby is not around. YES baby! She's also told Jill that if something happens to her, she's to get me out to the farm FAST and get all that yarn before her hubby finds it. HAH! I do like that woman! Anyone else wanting to put me on the receiving end of secret yarn stashes, feel free. Knock yourselves out. I'll travel to get it too. Just to help you out, you know. What can I say? I'm a giver.

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