Monday, October 24, 2005


SO, I felt much better on Saturday. Jeff brought his boys to my son's soccer game and we went to my house, kids played, we ate lunch and then went to his kids' soccer games in the freezing drizzle. Had a blast, but froze my living butt off. Back to Jeff's for dinner, (no WAY was I going to spend any more time in the cold outdoors, so no pumpkin patch) playing and a fire. Perfectly wonderful. We had some talks and some snuggles and I was sitting on the couch knitting on my clappy, kids all asleep, watching Napolean Dynamite (a total RIOT), while getting my feet massaged with a fire in the fireplace. Does it GET any better than that???? nope. THEN I moved the plastic bag I have my clappy's yarn in and something fluttered up to the ceiling. A MOTH.....MOTHerfuxxer......actually, I spouted a few more graphic words than that. Jeff thought I was nuts. I was freaking out. My clappy is being made out of the expensive crap, and I'm almost done with the straight rows with only the last little triangular shape to complete and I was PISSED. After chasing the damn yarn-eating-baby-laying bug to the ceiling where I almost broke my neck standing on the top of the back of the couch and jumping to smoosh the thing, I explained the severity of the problem to loverboy. I didn't explain how much $$ the damn yarn actually cost me, I prefer to think of how cheap the next clappy I make for my mom will be as I'll use the $10.50/skein stuff I found at the Studio. I decide I don't really know if the freeze your yarn for 14 days thing would work for me. First of all, I'm gonna finish this clappy within a few days and WEAR it. I don't want to be wearing moth larvae and I really don't want to be feeding the damn things or letting them get onto my other yarn as well. Second of all, does that really work? Don't moths lay their eggs OUTSIDE where it's COLD? Maybe not freezer level cold, maybe that's what kills them off. Don't really know. SO we cooked some yarn. I don't recommend this, but if you do, make sure it's 100% wool and NO acrylic as that could get ugly. I tested a small amount of yarn in the microwave, cooked it on paper plates and didn't touch it until it was totally cool just to make sure I didn't cause any damage to the fibers. I then cooked each ball of yarn, but didn't want to take all those plastic markers off the project, so I am going to cook the finished clappy after it's off the needles. I sure hope I haven't ruined the yarn, but it doesn't feel any different now. HOPEFULLY any little larvae are shriveled up. The kitchen was smelling a bit odd. Jeff kept saying, but maybe it was a boy moth and you don't have to worry.... I think the boy now knows how crazy I truly am. Ah well. Better he learn now.

YEAH for hurricane Wilma not being the big-ass disaster they said it was going to be! My baby bro and his wife and their two little doggies called in this am about 7am central time. They had just lost power and wanted an update on what the weather channel was saying. They are riding out the storm in a 2nd floor condo built to withstand some level of hurricanes, I don't remember what. They have the metal shutters over the windows and so can't tell what's going on other than strong winds and rain. It sounds like the worst is pretty much over. It sounded like they had two series of storms go through this morning, maybe the different sides of the storm? YEAH I'm glad they're all ok!! I actually felt bad for all those reporters out there trying to make a story....for the last two days it was "look at this house on the may not be here in a day or two...." Now it's "look at that bush shaking in the wind...." sad sad sad. The big video on was click here to see storm damage in action. It was a tree uprooting and falling over. Onto the ground. woooo. Thank goodness for boring news stories! I don't mean to downplay the damage I'm sure has occurred, it just seems sad that the media was acting like Naples, FL would be washed off the face of the earth and then have to stand around talking about what could have happened instead of just saying "we're thankful the devastation didn't come." It sure seems that many reporters are disappointed that they didn't get the big story.

The fun sized chocolate halloween candy got the better of me last night. Finally my defenses were worn down. It's a good thing we only had a half-bag left in the house. woooooooo baby. Excessive chocolate on a detoxed system is not a good thing......tummmy ache........ but oh Lordy it was worth it! Back to eating sticks and twigs and protein protein protein. ugh.

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