Monday, October 10, 2005

monday monday.......

WOW, after that big ol' post this one's gonna seem pretty darn boring. boring boring boring. We did absolutely NOTHING this weekend and it was wonderful! My honey took his boys and one of his single dad friends and his kids to the lake house, so I had no distractions. The kids and I just hung around the house. We did laundry, started an allowance program ($2/kid/week) and decorated for Halloween. We also played outside in the backyard for almost every waking hour. In case you were wondering, I am the queen of both kickball and two-square still. I worked on my project & studied for my midterm that's coming up this WEDNESDAY and got quite a bit done, but am still about where I should have been LAST MONTH. Ah well, I've got 2 days.... no worries. yeah, right.

Class notes...this has gotten a bit weird. It is a class on history of world religion I had to take to get my undergrad degree completed (yes, I'm a 36 yr old college student) It's held at the Mission Mall instead of on campus at JCCC. Normally those classes are a bit smaller, just because no one wants to drive over there. It started around 5 or 6 people. Then it dropped down to about 4. A few weeks ago it started dribbling to 2 or 3 of us, but there was always at least this other guy named Joe. Well, for the last 3 classes, it's just been ME. period. ONE person in this class. The prof still gets up and lectures, but now it's a bitch because instead of a group of people fielding his questions, it's just ME. It's a bit hard to fake it when you're all that's there. No one's officially dropped yet, there are still 5 enrolled, so he won't go for the "email me the test at home and I'll email it back" thing. Nope, he's going to give me the education I paid for. I said I'd much rather save us all some time, take a B for effort (I'm not greedy) and let's call it a semester. nope, he wasn't buying it. dammit. It's still really really weird.

I did go Buddha-ing this weekend and it was pretty cool. The Rime Center was a pretty neat place. I get easily uncomfortable around anyone a bit too religious or a little too artsy fartsy or God Forbid extremely conservative so I expected it to be a bust. I'm going to start going more often. I LOVED it! The whole zen meditation thing was so calming. I think I'd have to keep my own little version of religion I've taken from here & there (it resembles the Catholicism I grew up with but is a titch more liberal) but this could seriously work into it as well. The Lama and his wife are lovely and intelligent people and I am going to start going for meditation lessons in a couple of weeks. (anyone as seriously hyperactive as I am can benefit from learning to be still for a few minutes a day)

That's it, no more bad dreams (whew) and other than some freaky "the sky is falling...the sky is falling" retro religious organization leaving letters in our mailbox that the world is ending (hurricanes, floods, earthqukes, famines, etc) and I need to repent to save my mortal soul, things are pretty normal around here. The letter did make me wonder, did they drop those off at everyone's house, or were they just very concerned for my soul in particular?

I also got the big ol' knitted bag from the last order almost completed, I'm still on the never-ending shoulder strap. Remind me NEVER to make flat straps again. I hate them, I am an i-cord girl.

OH, look out world, I'm going jazzercising!!! I'm gonna go sweat and try not to trip any fat chics at Jazzercise! (A very bad experience with two fat ladies in leotards and my clumsiness at a step aerobics class from the early 90's still has me a bit leery of anything choreographed, but those jazzercise chics look too small to do too much damage if they land on me.)

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