Thursday, October 20, 2005

planets must be careening all out of line

I swear, the cosmos have to be seriously off. I totally LOVED my body combat class today. I know, it freaked the shxt out of me too. seriously messed up. I LOVED it. It's only on Thursdays, so I'm hooked and it's FREE (well I have to pay the membership at the J center, so technically I've already paid for it). The only times in my life that I've enjoyed exercising were because they came with food and beer. Lots of beer and lots of food. This exercising for the "fun" of it is alien to me. I'm more of a softball playing, beer drinking, sand volleyball when you're drunk on the beach kind of exerciser. I had an almost major accomplishment today. I am one pound away from my first weight loss goal. I know, I know, we women shouldn't rely on numbers....pounds of weight or sizes of clothes and all that. We should be aiming for better fitness and more energy and all that crap. WELL, today when I got on the old fashioned scale in the fancy dressing room (where all the really old ladies hang out instead of at the lockers and benches...though it is nicer, the room comes with fat old ladies hanging around nekkid....ick...and they're never really in any kind of a hurry to cover any of their many many parts up either....ick ick) ANYWAY. Instead of how I used to have to go "chunk, chunk, chunk...clicka clicka clicka clicka clicka clicka (repeat for about 15-18 clickas) TODAY I only went chunk, chunk, chunk, clicka. YEAH BABY! I even went to go pee and came back to see if that put me to the chunk, chunk, chunk only, but no go.

Ok, so this eating healthy and exercising often crap maybe does work. It just sucks. BUT I'm going whole hog at it now, baby. Those damn halloween mini fun-sized candy bars aren't going to derail me now, nope. hopefully not. So the weight loss/get into shape 2nd goal is still a long way away, so I'm off to eat some twigs and nuts and then jazzercise my cares away...

ALSO, OH MY GOD I LOVE LOVE LOVE my clapotis! God Bless Knitty!Check it out so far...I have just started with the dropped stitches and it's too freaking COOL!!! If you see me anywhere this fall and winter, it will be wrapped in the heavenly softness of this thing....once I get it done... All last year I was like "what's the big deal? It's only a freaking scarf....big whoop." NOW I see the light. If you don't have one on the needles, GET GOING! You will thank me for it later.

OK Chiefs fans, Sunday's game has been moved to Friday night (tomorrow) and will be on CBS to avoid the brewing storm in Florida.

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