Monday, November 22, 2004

SSSHHHHH be very very quiet....

It's day one of the big bosses in town. I NEED to learn to keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT sometime. I was just offering all kinds of opinions in our big Monday meeting today. stupid stupid stupid

I need to learn by example from the wise one and keep my mouth shut, stay under the radar and go back to my little corner and maybe no one will notice me. As she put it when I finally did NOT do something stupid.......said "Ah, very wise, grasshopper"

KNITTING update--> I was CRANKING out some serious knitting this weekend! I forced myself to try to battle the clutter that is drowning me in the house, but only got my bedroom done. I considered moving on to another room, then saw my tank top calling me .... knit me .... you're almost done ... just a few more rows.... and I caved. I got the front & back DONE on the summer in the city tank done and now have to sew the sides and crochet the straps and armholes, neckholes and bottom. Nothing like finishing a SUMMER tank top made of WOOL in NOVEMBER. Ah well, why should my life start making sense now? Don't exactly know how to do the stitching, am going to take it over lunch to Knit Wits tomorrow over lunch and see if one of the customers sitting around the table will take pity on me. (that's how I learn all my tricks)

Also got about 3 feet done on another aunt's scarf for xmas and did NONE of my ribbon knitalong, will work on it later.

I FOUND ANOTHER LYS! ok, apparently it's BEEN there, but I didn't know until yesterday. The Studio, on the west end of the plaza, 316 W 47th Street, looks TASTY. I didn't let myself actually open the door. I walked by and drooled in the windows. I can't afford to spend another penny on yarn until I start eBay-ing again. A lady knitting on her scarf at the McDonald's tubes said she got her yarn there and I had to do a drive-by.

KIP-->This weekend I ran into THREE different ladies all knitting in public or KIP. I often KIP and this weekend NEVER had any of my works in progress along this time, but it was still fun! There's something neat about being able to talk with a total stranger and suddenly it's like the 50's and you're neighbors talking over the backyard fence. I don't know how to describe it, but knitting has added a lot to my life. I've made friends through the internet, through yarn shops and total strangers, it makes you all warm & fuzzy and hopeful for the future. OK, I know, I know, TOO MUCH TOUCHY FEELY CRAP. Anyway, Nicholas's mom (one of my son's friends) was working on a scarf at Chuck E. Cheese's during a bday party, an older lady was working on a lacy shawl at Half-Price Books and a mother was working on her hubby's scarf at McDonalds while her son and my children ran around screaming and giggling and going crazy.

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