Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Well, I finally got the crap that's been recycled in our bad air in the dungeon for the last month. I've actually been coughing at night for a few weeks now, but never really felt bad until today. I've been tired, but I thought it was just due to being up a lot at night. Right after the bigbosses said "we'll work with you as long as we can" on my missing work & making up time, etc. You guessed it, I'm pushing the stinking envelope. I started feeling worse and worse and NOT EVEN HUNGRY...that's usually a MAJOR sign for me (I'm even hungry when I'm hurling with the flu)...my lungs started burning when I breathed and it felt like a 300 lb man was standing on my chest, so I took myself to the walk-in clinic for oh, let's see...2 1/2 hours...and found that I got myself a case of bronchitis that is dangerously close to turning to walking pneumonia. Got some antibiotics and a coughn syrup with narcotics in it to help me sleep (cool, narcotic cough syrup sounds so bad-ass) and I was told that the three owners had a meeting about it and decided I could have the 24 hours until I was no longer contaigous to recover. I'm to be back at work tomorrow at noon. wow.

It's a good thing I'm knitting now or all these stinking dr. office visits could get kind of boring. I cranked out some more of the boob tube and the ball of satan knot thread is getting much smaller. I might be able to finish it today. Didn't make it to Knit Wits to seam my tank, but hope to next week. Worked a bit tonight on the knitalong tank and I'm starting to really like it.

OH, the most exciting part of my day...sitting knitting with said satans knots and it somehow was captivating the prettiest, funniest little baby girl. She had to be about 8 months old, just able to start getting around but her mom had a death grip on her to keep her from touching anything in the waiting room. She was just cooing and giggling and watching that yarn move around as I pulled it from the ball...the mom & grandma turned away from this strange guy that kept making faces at her and was kind of creeping me out. She just kept giggling at me and we'd smile and all that. The mom & grandma gave me their smile of approval and then I got a FREAKING splinter in the tip of my pointer finger from the dang split tip of the needle and it HURT. I'm afraid a "son of a BXXCH" escaped from me quite distinctly and the gasps were combined with looks of horror and the momma putting her hands over the baby's ears, I swear to God. I apologized and kind of chuckled. I thought it was funny, I mean, she's not even talking yet, but still I said I was sorry and I AM a very good momma figure myself. Well, the baby kept trying to squirm to look at the yarn & me trying to pull a splinter out of said finger and the mom would not even let the kid look in my direction. It was a major wreslting match and the pouty kid was winning. When they called my name the grandma said under her breath "Thank God she's gone". Jeez, I'm a threat to grandmas now???

sorry, lame story but I'm tired & sipped my narcotics & am going to bed so I can complete the healing process in my determined 24 hours on schedule.

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