Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A catty little post today

SO, Miss Hateful has almost gotten her wish, no not her REAL wish of me dropping dead after begging the powers-that-be to give her MY, but she did FINALLY piss me off today. I am usually able to laugh at her petty little stomping, cussing, lying, whining etc. crap that I deal with, but for some reason I just couldn't take it any more. After a particularly frustrating exchange where I actually said her name, and asked her a question politely in a matter a CLIENT needed resolved(because I, being a member of the human race, am able to communicate in a professional manner at work) and the stupid chic looked at me blankly across the room, ignored the fact that I existed and went back to staring at the stupid fax machine without any comment whatsoever. I know, I know, I'm above it. I normally smile sweetly at her because it seems to drive her nuts, but I'd had it. I calmly left, went back to my parner-in-crime, said "I need a diet coke RIGHT NOW" and left without pulling out any of my hair. After venting and standing in the freezing rain, I was able to make it back down to the dungeon to deal with the crazies... When I said I was feeling like all I wanted to do was walk across that room and hit the witch upside the head, we laughed because we realized she would kick the crap out of both of us. Growing up in a world where people are polite, communicate their frustration with WORDS is a whole different world than growing up head tramp of the trailer park. ooch was that a little catty? meow.

One positive note, Amanda completed her first-ever knitting at lunch! She now has about 3 rows of a very cute scarf started and I'm so excited for her!! Woo Hoo Girl!

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