Thursday, November 18, 2004

Letter to Dubbya

OK, I know the election's over, and I shouldn't be concerned that the new "family values" movement that is taking over the country shouldn't scare me into investigating living conditions in Canada, but part of me still likes to THINK and LAUGH and debate a bit. Even though the current trend is frighteningly similar to how Hitler's army of young SS teens began....using the Bible as literal translations, anyone with a differing view is a traitor, etc.....

You might have seen this already in email form, but I got a kick out the post on Homegrown Daisy's entry today. I have to admit I'm a bit too silly today to function in the normal world, and in my head this voice like a combo of old Beavis & Butthead and southpark characters was saying..."smite them....smite them all...he he he..." I blame the stinking new diet/exercise plan I began...serious chocolate withdrawal is not a pretty thing.....smite them....smite them all!

Letter to Dubbya

I promise to get back to work, try to act normal and my next entry will be official knitting updates & life updates and all that.

I also need to apologize to my Christian friends. I'm a good ol Catholic girl, so I am not ever really sure if I qualify as a "Christian". I do believe in God and the Bible has some good stuff in it, but when people get preachy and literal on pointing out how OTHERS are sinning and must be ostracized, I get a pit pissy.

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