Monday, November 29, 2004

a little dungeon ranting

If I don't rant a bit, I might just explode, which BTW would NOT be a pretty sight what with the tummy troubles combined with the crap I've been inhaling lately.

Dungeon-bathroom update...I gave up on trying to get Miss Hateful who gets PAID for cleaning the bathroom to actually clean something...the mold, the stains, the ick, I just don't look and wash my hands VERY well...even though we've all been sick, hmmmmm I wonder wonder wonder why....OK, back to the update: My daughter came to work with me Friday and the first time we went in for a break, she said, "Mom, what's all the green stuff on the floor around the toilet?" OMG I don't keep the world's cleanest home by ANY means, and have been known to lightly swipe the bathroom with a baby wipe and call it good, but CRIPES, for a 8 year old girl to notice the green mold??? ick. OH and funny thing was someone higher-up was saying how if Miss Hateful (ok she used the witch's actual name there) was doing well, the first thing to go would be her after-hours cleaning job. I thought, yeah, right, the witch gets paid to do NOTHING.

Xmas decorations update...I know we're a bit tight down here, but for the love of all that is holy, can't we at least re-wrap a couple of the SAME freaking envelope & letterhead boxes that are ALL wrapped with the SAME 1982 greyed-green discount roll of wrapping paper that have been pulled out of storage each year to put under the tree complete with the SAME 1982 decorations that keep coming back like Chucky in those horror movies????? SOME ugly santas and satanic-looking elves really SHOULD be put to rest instead of brought out JUST BECAUSE WE STILL HAVE THEM.

Almost done, don't worry

my main rant, I can't bring myself to type, I keep erasing it and let's just say "ADAPTATION IS NOT ALWAYS A GOOD THING." and let it go at that. period.

In not necessarily a bad mood, just kind of mellow, driving at lunch to get some bernat boa yarn from Michael's and get stuck behind this guy in a pretty little suv thing with a black bumper-sticker on it with a pretty W. I don't pay too much attention until I almost rear-end the idiot as he's one of those who like to hit the gas, talk on the phone, and slam on the brakes, repeat, repeat. After the 2nd time of getting too close to his butt-end, I read the sticker and it's some crap about "W, STILL the president." What the hell? I get a bit miffed and change lanes before I hit him on purpose for his combo of bad driving skills, non ability to talk and drive and his smugness of JUST IN CASE I was not aware, oh yeah, Mr. Bush is still the Pres. I decided I really didn't want to buy him a new vehicle so I change lanes and get behind Bubba. Not bubba as in ex-pres Clinton, nope this is Bubba as in he can't remember his real name. TWO, yes TWO gun racks because one is never enough, on his old pickup truck with rope & ducktape holding the tail-gate of his truck on and a HOME-MADE camouflage paint job. Nothing says "scary milia-man" like a homemade camo paint job. Decided not to hit this guy in the rear end either as I wanted to live another day.

Got to Michaels and found they have Bernat Boa on sale for $3.99/skein. I'm going to try to knit an icord boa/scarf with one skein, but think I might need 2 knitted together for the right weight, we'll see. Got the idea on Just One More Row.

Have good hair today and no where to go, walked to the corner store and got a KING SIZED 3 muskateers and haven't eaten it yet, trying to only eat half, we'll see.

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