Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me

"Few people know how to be old."
--La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

I think I've got a pretty good idea. 36 years today. I have now crossed over to the next color in the button stage, you know the one where you have to give your age range, now I'm a 36-50 woman. The day started with a card full of $$ from mom & dad. They always know just my size! Thank God for parents that love me. Had to go get my drivers license renewed, $22 for a piece of paper and a guy to point at signs posted along the counter telling me they'll mail my new license in 2-4 weeks. He apparently was tired of having to actually talk to people, so he'd point. I said "hi" and he just looked at me. He pointed at the paper saying to stand in front of the blue sheet, never said "smile" or anything. I smiled for the pic, paid my $22, said "thanks, have a great afternoon" and he pointed to the taped paper stating I was now completed with my experience at the DMV. How did they ever get the reputation of being unfriendly??? hmmm

BUT guess what's a few doors down from the DMV????? You guessed it, KNIT WITS and I had my bday $$ burning a hole in my pocket next to the paper version of my license so I went in JUST FOR A LOOK-SEE....and got some goodies!!! I'll add pics later, but I made myself leave the bag in the car because I know I'd be tempted to sit here reading & dreaming & petting my new yarn instead of getting any work done around here. Going to make a modified version of the boob tube out of this strange new yarn and I'm gonna be a hottie still even without making that damn sexy tank I gave up on....maybe after my knit-along-ribbon tank I'm starting Monday, I can give that tank a try again.

One good point of the day--> Joey was feeling better today, but still coughing like an 80 yr old smoker, so Grandpa Joe took him to work with him for the day. I don't know who was more excited, big Joe or little Joe. My dad had his laptop bag and Joey had his bob-the-builder backpack walking hand in hand. Wish I would've got a picture of that.

2nd good point of the day --> I had FABULOUS hair today and was all sad because even though I'm sure Amanda appreciates good hair days, sharing it with my fellow dungeon-mates is not really a good use of those RARE fabulouso days! I'm heading out on the town tomorrow night with an old friend and I'll probably look like a damned hobochic, but I took quite possibly my best ever driver's license picture (even with crooked glasses).

STRANGE note of the day--> What is it about a woman's 36th birthday that brings out the crazies??? Are we exceptionally vulnerable now or something?? I got calls from all the nutjobs that were trying to be my lover-boi...Kenny Rogers' twin sent a card and $20, wierd, but hey, I'm poor I'll take it....(I'm already going to hell anyway and Mark said I can share his & Russell's handbasket to Heck on the trip).....the Italian Stallion called to see if I wanted dinner at Cascone's, a movie and then drinks at the Cigar Box downtown (he was a pleasant diversion, but kind of strange so I said maybe in a week or two, hey I eat GREAT with him, have fun, he's a great dancer and is SO working that Italian/power/sexy/whatever it is that it's easy to ignore the fact that he's NOT good boyfriend material, but is a LOT of fun to hang out with--made sure he's ok with the just-dating-for-fun thing so I figure it's ok)....creepy Sprint executive/old mentor guy called saying he missed me and wanted to get together and needed advice on his sexual harrassment hearing in the company (ICK...nope)....Young Boi (25 yrs) is a friend I've flirted with off & on for a few years and we have one of those strange FWP relationships called to see if I had plans (hadn't heard from him in about 3 months)....and an old friend called and I said OK to going out on the town with him. (he's moving to Hilton Head, SC in a few weeks so I've got a really nice place to plan a weekend away in the future!) I think it's strange that single men remember your bday but as soon as you marry a guy he forgets it. wierd.

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