Monday, November 22, 2004

Girl's Night Out

Thanks to the Fabulous Miss Amanda for arranging our girls' night out! I got to meet the famous Liz which was fun too! We saw the new Bridget Jones movie and I have to admit I laughed, I cried a tear or two and then laughed again. I do have to say DAMN those happily ever movies with rich, gorgeous men who love their women enough to fight for KNEW how it would turn out, but I still absolutely loved it. I figured my life isn't much different, except that I don't live in an unbelieably cool flat in London, I've got 2 kids, I don't have a job that lets me travel over the world, or have two gorgeous, stinking rich brittish men fighting over me, but I do have a fabulously gay friend or four and a few other obnoxious girlfriends that give me lots of life advice and drink with me occasionally, and I journal and I'm clumsy and a bit inappropriate. Yup, two peas in a pod. Anyway, I highly recommend the movie for a fun feel-good flick.

KNITTING-->Knitting away on the boob tube, ignoring the tank-along, and I'm taking the summer in the city tank front & back to Knit Wits tomorrow.

WORK-->YES! I totally skated out of any big meetings other than the regular Monday Morning Meeting official thing which was NOT a lot of fun. You know, I can't help but like the big boss lady. It's a strange place to work, our little dungeon, but I can't say it's boring by any means. I actually did a little "I'm not in the conference room.....I'm not in the conference room..." dance this afternoon. Lots of meetings and lots of decisions and lots of stress, and I very wisely kept OUT of the majority of it. Even though I believe the local bossman is getting a bit tired of me, the big lady still likes me, so now apparently they'll work with me and let me work as much as I can and will "work with me as long as possible" and it was like no big whoop. AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, minus the "little talk" crap threatened and never followed through on last week. That makes no sense, but it does in dungeon-speak.

MAN, old Belly-Boy here in KC Chiefs land is nasty. That big ol hairy belly painted up and boucing around while belly boy is cheering & dancing in the COLD on Monday Night Football. Poor chiefs. I'm afraid I would have given up and put on a damn coat if I were him. He's either a very loyal fan or had too much alcohol to mind. No way could I go buck nekkid in the KC cold at night...

Gotta get typing on the old nanowrimo. I cheated a bit by including some older writing, but really not too much, and now I'm getting serious. GONNA do it. It's gotten personal here. me against the dang words.

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