Wednesday, November 17, 2004

more pics

Here's more goodies. Pics from Huyen's baby shower last Sat. Adam caught me at my best, chowing down.... although it was a good hair day, and I'm wearing the wild stuff mix/max skinny scarf....

Here's Adam & Phuong

Alison & Rich

Huyen (mommy to be) and Phuong

Phuong holding Lili's daughter Trinity

and did I mention we not only eat a lot at our get-togethers, but we DRINK as well?
Alison & Phuong modeling baby clothes, yes those are baby undies on Phuong's head.

These are the girls who've taken me into their circle of friendship and I just love them to pieces. I have exactly 4 weeks to get my sexy tank done and lose some weight so I don't look like the token beached whale at the Asian Refugee Annual Christmas Party this year!

Normally when I go out, I'm the Mary and am with a few Rhodas....but with these damn skinny, pretty chics, I'm the BIG OL RHODA! Damn. Ah well, it keeps me humble.

One of my other friends sent me the portrait she made when she filled in answers to questions for me...

Did anyone else notice I was FREAKING EATING in it too??? She can't find the website she made it, so I might go mosey around google and see if I can find it...paybacks are a bitch!

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