Tuesday, November 30, 2004

MMMmmmmmm fajitas!

Heaven, thy name is grilled steak stufft burrito from Taco Bell....mmmmmmmm

Ran & got the needles, and only ONE extra skein of splash furry yarn to crank out another quick scarf xmas present. HEY, that was pretty good for me.

Sent an email to the big bosses stating I have to go down to 32 hours/week....haven't heard back anything. I think their idea of "we'll work with you and pay you on an hourly basis" meant if I hit 39 hrs one week of the month, not 32 hrs each week, but we'll see. Kids just are in school & aftercare too freaking long and it's wearing out Joey and stressing out Beth. Some parts of single-momma-dom do suck, but there's a lot of highlights.

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