Monday, November 29, 2004

49,562 words on nanowrimo

SO, I cheated a LOT, I'm still getting the dang thing done and having a record of my ramblings. My nanowrimo is the write-a-50,000-word-novel-in-30-days crap I tried this Nov. (not enough to do in my life, you know). I was going to do an extended blog, chic-lit kind of thing with extra details of strange kharma crap that happens in this single momma 36yr old chic's life (aka mine). Added a few stories/essays whatever from memories like "pilates makes you poop", "the worst blind-date EVER, I even won a radio contest because of it", "how to know when you're dating a terrorist" and other fun little things to add to the blog entries I was writing here. The cheatering came as I got closer to Nov. and had less time, I added October's entries in too. As it's only to see if you can do it, I have no moral probs with adding my own writings just not from the 30 day period, so I've now got 438 words to write today and send them off. I'm actually glad I did it.

OK, I actually have 2, but I can only officially call one "finished". The "2 hour" scarf I tried to find, but the only colors in splash were these obnoxious yellow/baby poop green/orange things that JUST weren't quite what I was looking for in a good Xmas I substituted some other hairy/eyelash thing that was pretty close in a rich brown to go with this cool brown mix of squiggle. It actually took me more like 3 1/2 to 4 hrs, but it's DONE. Crappy pic, sorry, I was trying to hold the new doggie and Dad got only part of the pic in there. It's actually about 9 feet long and maybe 5" wide and CUTE.

FO pics...Bound off the boob tube, all pleased with myself, so excited, then noticed it was a bit of a tight bind-off row, thought oh well, put it on and COULDN'T MOVE MY ARMS! I tried to take a pic of myself, you know, hold the camera out in front of me, but I couldn't raise my elbows from being crammed in against the ribcage.......and of COURSE this was SATAN's KNOT THREAD, so no hope of frogging the bind-off....tried, but cussed and stomped and threw it across the room and think I may take it to Knit Wits to see if they take pity on me and one of their guru's can rip the dang thing out...otherwise, I'm just going to make cuts in the bottom row about every 10 stitches and wear the damn thing ANYWAY, it's not like it will unravel or anything.....UGH.

3rd piece of news, we have a new doggie! Miles the dog is a shitzu and 2 1/2 yrs old and was given to the kids & I from Uncle Will, who's now living down in Florida. It about tore him up, but he thought since he's working long hours, has NO yard (sand & palm trees & cement) and the kids & I were starting to look for a dog, Miles would enjoy living with us. I think Will called 3 times to check on Miles since Sat. night. This is quite possibly the sweetest already trained dog I've ever met in my life and we LOVE him. Now Uncle Will has an even better reason to visit KC more often!

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