Tuesday, November 16, 2004

a feminine feminist

KNITTING--> decided NOT to throw the ribbon tank out into the backyard, though I was severely tempted. I've started this stinking thing 3 times now. I gave up on getting anything closely resembling the gauge and am now making it on 13's. We'll see how big it turns out. It should either turn out lovely or XXXL. I'm getting VERY good at tearing the damn thing out and starting over. Can I fake it if I started the knitalong?

KNIT SHOPPING--> Found they carry clover bamboo needles at Joann Etc. and are pretty cheap there. woo hoo!

WORK--> never got my "talk" from the local bossman. Not too concerned any more. Packed up the last few pieces of my crap yesterday during the tantrum and then today was all pissed because I mean EVERYTHING was gone from the office except my plant from Susie. I had to go out to the car to even get a piece of stinking gum this afternoon. Decided to be proactive and sent a second email around to the bigwigs and cc the "management team" aka me & two others with my suggestion for my work plan and if they have different ideas or they need to let me go to let me know. Next week should be interesting with the big bosses in town. If they're going to get rid of me, get it over with, if not, let me know.

LIFE PLAN--> still working to get to school in Jan. YES I'll be the old creepy woman in class with the young grad students, but I'm going to be there one way or another.

ETC--> Damn, the daily show cracks me up. Jon Stuart does the best Condoleeza Rice impersonation I've ever seen. cracked me up.

ETC 2--> I was called a "damned feminine feminist" last night by one of the old crazies I ran into at the bowl Monday night. YES I have dated men that were NOT bowlers, but this was a freaky REALLY bad blind-date-turned-stalker-after-one-date I went on as a pity date for the best friend of a center manager. CREEP. I thanked him kindly for noticing and smiled sweetly. I find it confuses and pisses off the extremely creepy if you smile.

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