Wednesday, November 10, 2004

CUTE free felted purse pattern from KnitChic

Found the CUTEST new free purse pattern on Knit Chic's blog: Trapezoid Clutch. DOING this one with the rest of the noro kureyon yarn I've got and am making myself finish a few things BEFORE starting it!

Knitting Update--> I am a true knitress. I swear it's almost scary when you have a few hours to kill and have to sit around in waiting rooms. I have the boring tank almost DONE now. I can't WAIT to start our cool Knit Along Tank! I completed the back last week and was all proud of myself, yesterday I have the front done up to the point of decreasing for the armhole shaping. woo hoo. I still think it's ugly and plain, but it's my first official garmet I'm knitting so I'm wearing it ANYWAY. Auntie's scarf is almost done and I sewed the handles to the 2 party purses and they're ready to felt. I'm a knitting MACHINE baby! Next is the FUN new trapezoid clutch purse and then my knit along tank!

Happy Birthday to my now 8 year old daughter! Seen in her new poncho to the right. She went to school wearing a new dress and feeling all sassy! We didn't make it to the nail shop for matching "sessy toes" yet, so hope to do that this weekend. Does it ever frighten anyone else when they see their kids turning out a LOT like them? I don't know if the world can handle my two little ones...We'll see. She was all excited also because she got to do her first big report for school. We now know ALL about the state of Louisiana and have a big-ass thick poster board stand full of state goodies. She was like "MOM, can you BELIEVE it? I got to do my first book report last month and NOW I get to do a REAL state report!" I'm thinking, girl, enjoy this enthusiasm while you can...I can see a few years down the road...Me-"have you got your report done yet?" Beth-"MOOOOOOMMMMMM, give it a rest, wontya?" Ah well it's just fun now!

Joey update--> First, thanks for all the prayers & "you go girl" and other support! We had a very productive day at the CF clinic yesterday. Still don't exactly know what will make my little guy feel better, but at least now we have a PLAN of some kind. I got an apology from the cf coordinator about the treatment at the ER last Friday night. I still get pissed when I think about it..."Bring him back if you get concerned"....Don't you think I was a bit freaking CONCERNED in the first place??? ALSO, why are all the best children's hospitals in the WORST neighborhoods??? I was so scared I'd get mugged trying to get the little guy back out to the car. Apparently the doctor covering the CF calls last weekend is the same one I've had conflicts with in the past. She is no longer part of Joey's cf team. Don't mess with momma! This doctor chic is a pulmonologist, but mostly works with infectious diseases and helps cover after-hours for the CF team. I asked what do we do the next time we're in the ER and she's the covering dr? and they put a note on the computer records that they're to call one of a list of people in the CF team instead. YEAH.

They did lots of tests & things and he's on a few more med's to help cut down on the amount of crud in his sinuses and now we're starting the Vest. In a nutshell, it's $16,000 (yes, the price of a freaking CAR) but should hopefully get covered by insurance or a foundation that helps people that get denied. Basically, it costs as much as a car to combine a bunch of velcro, two air tubes and an air pump (ok I'm sure there are some research and FDA approval fees in there somewhere, but come on, $16 freaking thousand???). Officially it's a pulmonology clearance tool that uses pulses of air to break up the crud in the kids' lungs & bodies. It basically hooks two air vents into a vest that shakes the crap out of the kid. Joey tried it in the clinic and tried to sing "bob the builder...can we fix it...bob the builder...yes we can" while his little voice was shaking so badly it was freaky. I was cracking up. I know it's serious but GDangit it was kind of funny too. We'll see. He's feeling a little better, and still in preschool, just coughs a lot and doesn't eat much.

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