Saturday, November 20, 2004

Damn Jazzercise Chics

DANG those jazzercise chics can move it! I got invited along to Miss T's birthday celebration at Raul's Velvet Room and shook my booty to all the good ones like ... she's a and ......what I like about really know how to dance..... and that song from the queen movie dancing queen? or was the song in the movie where the 2 girls dressed up like guys dressing up like women to hide from the mob, can't remember the name, but the whole bar stood up and rose it's arms to the sky and with me.....can't remember, dangit.

ANYWAY, thanks to Miss T, I'm SO going to have to start jazzercising. Those chics were all at least 10-15 yrs older than me an FULL of freaking energy and cute as buttons. We had a BLAST!

ALSO a funny side, one of the girls was very proud of her cleavage and I thought it was a bit strange, but hey, if I had cleavage, I'd be happy too, so I kept my mouth shut. Then she said she BOUGHT her boobies. I have the "curves" or some such crap from victoria's secret that never stay put in your bra and so I never wear them, but these are sticky no strap boobies that stick to you and give you cleavage and are a trip! I bought me some boobies tonight. $24.95 from

see my new boobies

HAH, now I really need to finish my sexy tank & the city tank & the knitalong tank...cripes.

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