Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I know the election's over, but I couldn't help myself

This one was just too good. I am really over the election, really. I am just still pissed. Found this one on a blog that I think found it on Queer Joe's Blog.

Apparently the new plan for the next 4 years is to screw the environment. I KNEW there were issues for the big election, we just didn't SEE any but our lack of morals and "gotta have a Texan bad-ass to protect us".

Republicans all excited about drilling for oil in Alaska's last few preserves.

You know, I used to be a nice little Johnson County republican girl...then I went to college and learned a few things...then I became an independent. I liked Reagan, I like Elizabeth Dole, Alf Landon (can't remember if he was a democrat or not but I liked him), but you know, I've had about enough. I've been pushed over the edge and have become a right-wing liberal and am a bit proud of it. scary what it can all do to you, isn't it?

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