Wednesday, March 01, 2006

startitis anyone? anyone? bueler?

SO, here's the newest sock on the needles. I finally realized I really NEED to just knit and figure out the damn thing the way everyone says to, so I measured and calculated and decided 56 stitches with sockotta yarn on sz 2 dpns. I did about an inch and a half of 2X2 rib and am now doing stockinette. I'm not sure if it'll fit, I'm using my least favorite of sock yarn in the stash to use as the base sock. From here I'll go get all creative and shit. We'll see.

I also cast on and knit the first 6 rows of the beautiful tank top I want to make, but realized I must be yarn-over-challenged as the yo's when I'm purling are different than the yo's when knitting, one is twice as long as the other, so my cute little holes are turning out all wonky. I'm going to go watch my favorite knitting help website's videos to find out what I'm doing wrong.

OH, I am SO phyched! I learned this strange thumb long-tail caston and have NEVER been able to find pictures or directions for it. When I teach someone my caston method, they have nothing to refer back to. NOW I found it! You have to scroll down to click the little camera button by the THUMB METHOD to see it. TOO COOL! I have to say I LOVE THIS AMY CHIC who does the website. I go there for EVERYTHING. I just saw I was doing the purl yo's right and the knit yo's wrong.

I am just ITCHING to go get started on a new project or 4. Starting the sock appeased the monster inside a little, the cotton start & frogging helped a bit more, but I....MUST....START.....MORE MORE MORE MORE projects! Maybe it's the spring weather outside, I don't know, but it's getting hard to sit still. Speaking of which, have you SEEN this site? Drops Designs free patterns from the Garn studio? OOOOOOOOOhhhhhh they have some cool stuff!

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