Friday, March 24, 2006

go wichita state!

HEY how cool is it we Kansans still have a team to root for in the big tourney? WOO HOO! I love seeing teams get farther than anyone ever thought they could.

It's 3:40pm on Friday on a week from heck after a week from heck and I'm going to the liquor store. with a credit card. ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching. I've got to find Miss Amanda's present (I'm so good at hiding things but not so good at finding them, dammit) and then!

Gonna start my panta this weekend, move my office furniture to the honey's house later too.

Wearing my tubey, which, by the way, makes me look great from the front and like I have this mutant back/fat/gigantoid shoulderblade/wing things sticking out of my back. It is also quite possibly the warmest sweater I've ever put on my body, even with the open chest sweetheart whatever you call it neckline. I don't think this will be a wear out in public sweater, but it should be perfect for drinking in a sportsbar kind of sweater. Ah well, it fits and that's enough for me now.

Joey got referred to a children's wish foundation and I'm filling out a bazillion forms and copying every document I can find and on and on. I am making it through the whole thing, when I see they also ask for age of diagnosis (Joey was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 3 1/2 months old) AND for length and weight at birth. Um, bad mom of the year award goes to....CHRISTINE! Can't remember. nope. not a bit. I know he was long, skinny, and had red hair but that's all I got. The hospital he was born at doesn't release that info without a buttload of forms and time, Children's Mercy doesn't have that either, so I left a message for the nurses at his pediatrician's office. I asked my folks and they looked at me like I was retarded (guess it's hereditary). ummmmmm baby book, not so completed, well, see, he was a sick little baby and I breastfed the child every hour. EVERY HOUR and he had horrible gas pains and then would shoot poop out of his butt and we'd repeat that around the clock. Plus bronchitis, pneumonia and the likes. SO, brain fart on the whole details of birth thing.

The wish foundation we're trying to work with does BIG wishes, but they're killers on the details. The wish has to be the child's desires, not the parents, every detail of every page has to be verified and signed and witnessed and I've got to get the ex to sign and date etc too, and he lives in NEW MEXICO and is not so good with getting paperwork back to me, ARRRRGHHHH PLUS they just got it to me 2 days ago and by the way, could we please do a "quick turnaround" and get it in the mail by MONDAY as their big approval meeting is in early April? crap almighty.

Joey put down that he wants to learn to surf or go to Disney World. We'll see what they say. They're supposed to include the immediate family so hopefully Beth and I can have our butt-white butts sitting on some warm sand somewhere too!

Gotta go, the liquor store's calling my name, listen, can you hear it? Gotta go!

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