Friday, March 17, 2006

In my day, we had a big ugly purple dinosaur with crappy music...

OK, I'm telling you young mothers of children today, you have it EASY! I know, I know, I was able to benefit from VCR's and carseats and other modern wonders, but I missed out on the good stuff. THANK GOD FOR THE WIGGLES!!!

Instead of having to hear "hyuh hyuh...I love love me...." crap from Barnie or GOD FORBID the Teletubbies (although I always liked that controversial tinky winky and his purple purse), NOW when babysitting the young ones, you get to jam out on beatles-ish music and PLUS have you SEEN Anthony? (blue shirt). We were on our way home from my cousin's house and I made the kids listen to the Wiggles cd I found in our cd case. Joey said "Mom, I wish Anthony could come to our house for a playdate." I said, "Oh honey, mommy wishes that too!" yummmy! MAN I wish they would've been around when my kids were young.

So, we're on our way home, sun is shining, windows are down, I'm jamming out, singing and doing the motions to "quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, cock-a-doodle doo" complete with hand waving on top of my head, look over at the car next to me and this nice looking businessman is cracking up. Nice. He COUGHS because he was laughing so hard, and said "don't worry, we sing to that one at my house too." You know, between the Wiggles and Radio Disney, I'm able to survive the kids' music, but I still make an ass of myself quite often. Has anyone else forgot to switch radio stations and got ALL the way home, realizing you're be-bopping to Radio Disney? cripes.

Here's a pic of the happy knitters:

And finally, YES I have done a bit of knitting. Look what I finished last night:

Yarn: Artyarns supermerino self stiping superwash wool
Needles: dpns size 5
Pattern: Ann Norling Adult Socks II play on ribs
3k 1p rib for only 6" at first instead of 10" as I don't think I'll have enough yarn. I may still not, in which case, I'll add in the blue & green funky artyarns I have left over from Jeff's socks, which will be quite strange looking, but I don't care. The color pooling made a swirly design amid the stripes, it looks better than in the pic, I sure hope I have enough yarn to do this set! It's being knit from stash yarn so I only had the one skein.

We've painted the future office (extra bedroom on it's own floor of Jeff's split level house) in "picket fence" aka VERY white even though it looked off white in the store, but I like it anyway. We also painted my kids' room in Myrtle Blossom blue, and I LOVE it! What kind of paint? Why, what else would I use but Martha Stewart stuff? I'm still such a fan of hers! Seriously, the paint is good quality and it only took ONE coat to do each room! (sherwin williams store) We're getting the beds delivered Saturday, and are moving some of my furniture over this afternoon. It's getting exciting! Official move-in is set for May, but we're going to start spending more time over there. So far stress levels haven't been too bad, although I DID get THREE FREAKING ZITS from some extra stress earlier this week. cripes almighty, how old am I??? The boy thought he was being funny and called me "hey zitty" earlier yesterday. yes, yes he did. No, I couldn't believe it either. He redeemed himself last night when he held me in his arms, kissed me deeply and told me how beautiful I was....of course he was about 6 beers happy, but HEY I'll take the damn compliment any way I get it!

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