Monday, March 20, 2006

FO ALERT: pair of socks FOR ME!

Aren't we all impressed with Christine the wonder-knitter? Just wait until I show up wearing my tubey sweater AND socks...too cool, baby. Or should I say nice and toasty warm? Just in time for the big ol' snowstorm that's supposed to hit TODAY here in KC. Gotta love Kansas weater, one day you're wearing a tank top and complaining about the heat, next you're in your winter woolies and complaining about the cold. LOVE IT!

Back to the socks...notice the different color on the right toe? I ran out of yarn so had to use some artyarns left over from Jeff's socks & fingerless gloves. It actually blends pretty cool and I like the idea that a part of the yarn I used to knit something for the man I love is a part of the fabric I created as knitting our souls together...or some such crap. Actually I came up with that as an excuse at about 2-Mike's-Hard-Limades-on-an-empty-stomach into the evening last night. Sounds better than "uh, ran out of yarn."

So, moving update... The official gradual move in and blending of 2 families began this last week of spring break...
Heart pounding, stomach raging, shaky hands panic attacks --> 2
Times spent screaming into the bathroom sink full of water (to relieve said stress--learned this one when I was a high strung high school student) --> 1
Fingernails broken --> 8
Bruised shins --> 2
Assembled "world's coolest beds EVER" quoted from my kids --> 2
Amount of children's furniture that I own that will FIT into the room they will share --> 15%
Sweet, quiet comfortable evenings after children are in bed and all is calm --> 4
Number of children's feet almost broken under a heavy box --> ZERO (almost 1 on Jeff's youngest boy last night, thank goodness the kid's just sore)

2 more months to go on this "gradual move". I think I'm gonna survive. I think we should've just MOVED all at once and got it over with, but Ah well, live and learn. For now it's weekends together and some evenings here & there. The kids are all no problemo about it so I think it's just stressful on us parents. Parents think too much.

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