Thursday, March 09, 2006

The first load

Well, it's official. My crap is moving its way over to Jeff's house. The boy is doing pretty well, but is having some ISSUES with sharing his space and his stuff. So far the comments have been "...but, well, you don't have to bring THAT over yet, right?....I mean, it can stay at your folks' house a little longer, right?" cripes. I think the boy means "move in together" being MY body and those of my childrens with maybe the clothes on our backs plus one knitting bag. cripes almighty. I am TRYING to be gentle. It's all just stuff. He's just worked so hard to make his house a home for him and his boys that it's a difficult step for him. I very sweetly kissed him on the cheek and said "I love you" and also very sweetly left off the "dumbass" that was on the tip of my tongue. See? I can be diplomatic sometimes.

I think the IDEA of the move-in is easier than the actual physical ACT of the move-in. He has really worked at condensing his stuff and making room for us, I've just got to not be my normal self who would kick the door open and make my noisy way. I've got to be "Considerate Christine". She doesn't come out very often.

Jeff has done a lot of nice things in preparation, he and the boys have already drawn up plans to get his boys moved into one bedroom and some ideas for getting my two kids into another room. He totally redid the pantry, putty-ed, painted, put up cool shelves, reorganized, etc. He is helping me move in my office furniture to the other bedroom to become our office, and is really being considerate, just still looks awfully damn nervous most of the time.

Ah well. I did leave my knitting bag at his place tonight and he called to make sure I could make it through the night without it. (I LOVE to sit in bed and knit to the news and seinfeld before bed). I thought it was sweet. I told him don't worry, I've got other projects I can work on. really. one or two....or 8. Eight's good, that way you don't get bored.

Spring Break has officially begun and we're not sure what the heck we're doing yet. I think I'll take Beth and one of her girlfriends to the Studio's knitting classes for tweens/teens on Monday and Tuesday morning. I've got to work too, so I'm going to try to find neat things here & there.

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