Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It was a king-sized reese's and 5 hershey's mini dark chocolate kind of a day

Actually, it would've been more than 5 mini's, but that's all that was left in the back of my closet in the chocolate stash behind the shoes on the 3rd shelf. Yup, that was the hiding spot for the GOOD stuff, stuff I don't want any grubby kids in, and stuff that I can pretend it's not there and get along without chocolate in the house most of the time until either PMS or major stress strikes. wow.

Got a call from Jeff that he was taking his youngest son to get his foot x-rayed but he'd be thinking about me while getting my tests done. His son got his foot squished under two heavy boxes of unassembled computer desks (MY CRAP) that was leaning up against a wall the night before. Nice way to start a relationship, by damaging his child. (turns out foot is fine, just swollen on top and sore)

Went for the mamogram/sonogram yearly thing in the am. That's always a fun way to start out the day. Actually, it's not so bad, I just get cold sticking my ribs and little boobs up to be squished on a COLD METAL machine. brrrrr. Everything was good and copacetic (I've got some cystitis thing where I always have cysts full of liquid goo in my breasts, usually nothing to worry about). Sonogram showed a few clusters as bigger than normal, but again, they were all liquid and no biggie, until the BIG one was found. cripes. Here we go again....tech went to get dr, who went to get other dr, who I swear went out onto the streets of Olathe, KS to pull in a group of total strangers to see the amazing strange things in my poor little left boob. Gotta love modern medicine. I felt like I should at least get a couple of dollar bills for the big peep show entertainment or a warm blanket as it was FREAKING cold in there even without the cold goo slopping over my chest. After everyone was quite finished poking my sore boob, it was determined that OH, YEAH, it was a liquid cyst after all, no biggie. cripes. Let's make the poor woman a stress basket, shall we??? I go see the specialist that I love next month. He's NOT a freaking-out kind of person and I always leave feeling calm, no matter what's going on in my life. THAT'S what you're supposed to do, not make people feel like side-show bob.

THEN, I somehow lost my freaking mind later that afternoon and promised to take my children on their last big fling of the spring break in kc...chuck.e.cheese. (Their dad was supposed to come to town this last weekend but had to change weekends, so I was feeling bad for them) I call Jeff, he asks if I'd like to take his older boy, (younger one was stuck laying on the couch playing gamecube). I say sure, go drive over later and find out Jeff was just "reorganized" right out of his job. another cripes. He found out by the lackey sent out from the home office in Wichita driving to his house to tell him (while he has his boys in the home with him for their spring break). nice. He's got a great resume and good money in savings, so we don't have to freak out yet, but it's still quite a shock. It was a pretty small company (which can always be an adventure) and he hasn't been happy there for a while, but it still sucks. After a while, I loaded up 3 kids and headed off to chuck's. Ended up only spending $13 and sitting and knitting at a corner table where I could see the kids running around. We used a coupon from the paper, the kids got free tokens when they got there, and we left with a big ol' pile of plastic tacky crap they were very proud of.

Jeff's older boy's bday party is tonight, so I've got to go pick up some toy or other. I think I'd better re-fill the chocolate stash, as it's not good to be without in a time of need.

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