Monday, March 13, 2006

TOO much fun!

OH OH OH my daughter and her friend (both in 3rd grade) signed up for the Studio's craft camp. They had their first class today, KNITTING! WOO HOO! They made cute little bookmarks with 3 different yarns and learned the knit stitch, to change yarns and to bind off. They had a few younger girls that were out of control, having sword fights with their needles and pouting and whining, so they didn't get to learn the cast on yet. Tomorrow is purling and hopefully learning casting on also. They get to start a purse, and OH those girls are excited. It was such fun seeing them after the class, coming up and wandering around petting yarns. They each went home with a bundle of lambs pride bulky and I'm going to get them working on making a couple of rectangles we'll felt down into coasters. One has pink and one has purple, so they're going to share to make stripes.

Now four girls in my daughter's grade all are beginning knitters. I think we're going to start a little knit club.

Good weekend, crazy busy today, more later.

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