Thursday, March 30, 2006


I decided this Spring weather has made me crazy. I've GOT to knit something springy. I've always done tank tops in the winter and scarves and hats in the summer, I'm just all out of whack. After scrolling through the sexy knitters group blog, I decided I need more yarn. I'm going to make the Picovoli now that everyone's already made theirs and the knit-a-long's over. Nothing like being one with the group, huh? Ah well, I'm still thinking about making the knitty honeymoon cami and how long's that been around??? Then I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and try the somewhat cowl. I bought some Andean Treasure baby alpaca from Knitpicks in the color lilac, or was it sunset (orangish)? Can't remember. I also got some shine dk in either purple or orange to make the picovoli. Just had a total brainfart. Either way, I'm making some colorful stuff.

How much longer must we wait for the new issue of Knitty? I'm such a knitty ho. I'm just going insane waiting to see. Hope they have good stuff this issue or I'll be all pissy.

Jeff's heading off to the lake of the ozarks with all his friends (bunch of shawnee friends from high school) for the weekend, leaving Thurs afternoon. Remember on the Bundy show where Al & his old high school football buddies would retell stories? SAME exact thing, although these boys' stories go back to JUNIOR HIGH school football. seriously. They are a good bunch of guys for the most part. He needs some time away from the stress of job-hunting, combining households and all the rest. He has such an old soul, I tease him about being a grumpy old man sometimes, I swear even getting a new cell phone the other day had him all frustrated.

Friday night Beth's got a lock-in with Girl Scouts (I did NOT volunteer for this one as I don't think I'd survive locked in with about 50 pre-teen girls, call me crazy) and Joey's doing a sleepover with my cousin and her kids. Jeff's at the lake. Hmmmmmm. what could I do? Russell just got offered his dream job for $20K more than he's making now and is having a party to celebrate. I may just wander out to the casinos for a little poker too....hmmmmm could be fun.

OK, I've just decided. I want to make Blaze. I'm going to make it in bright orange too. Just like the pattern. How cute would this be? Oh, crap. Need yarn. Anyone ever make this one? mebbe I could do a quick trip down to the Studio...

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